Elkollection #2 [BLKE#010] – Free Download wav/mp3

Remember Elkollection #1?

Elkollection #2 [BLKE#010] is now out on the french label Blackelk Recordings

This 11 tracks compilation gathers the latest works of some of the label’s artists :

[Famelik, Jean du Voyage, Duff Ill, MLp, Killacam, Cheikh Mehdi, UM Le Villain, Hentitan, Dajaz, Le Med, Nolive.]



Today’s pick : VNDL & R33 Soundmakin’

Unlike yesterday, today’s pick will feature two artists who strive in two different layers in this musical mesh. Yet, both of them appear on our Unlog Complex #01 project, which (nuff said) is still available for free download. Let’s start with…

VNDL – Gahrena : Paysages électriques (Hymen Recordings)

VNDL is familiar with our readers, through the podcast he’s provided some months ago and the track Mille fragments we’ve released with Blackelk Recordings. His work is something I really want to push not only because of the common approach of sound we share, but also because he’s a really prolific artist and whose sounds clearly evolves between each and every project he works on. We don’t want you to miss the chance to witness that.

So expect to deal with sound textures here. Remember that while music tastes can differ in many points between two people, we’re all sensitive to sound textures. It’s just a matter of context.

I like writing. I should do it more often. But sometimes, the description provided with a release fits way more when you want to describe it to someone else. It’s not always the case (and maybe a worst 10 album descriptions would be a funny game), but it’s the choice I’m gonna make now.

‘gahrena’ envisages a deeper exploration of virtual reality by using highly processed electric guitars as well as manipulated field recordings and a wide range of electronic devices. the sound on this album can be described as abstract electronica with a deep organic feel, where vndl’s inspiration and sonic research fuse with the amendatory work of nebulo, offthesky, pleq and c0ma.

vndl constructs a changing, mysterious sonic world recreated from aural landscapes already in existence. a gripping release taking you away to as-yet unknown environments – attentive listening required.

gahrena: paysages électriques cover art

R33 Soundmakin’

Different topic now.

This broken beat / groove / hip hop oriented producer was unknown to me some months ago, until I discovered his project Klendatü on Bandcamp, thanks to a guy who’s used to stroll around the groove. Here it is.

If your question is « is it a free download », the answer is yes, and I’m even going to put tags on this article so everyone knows where those fresh beats are available.

Since then, we got in touch to invite him to join our beat tape project, and his track Octobre finally ended in the release. We’ve been discussing a lot on the final sound he wanted to have on his final, especially on his kick drums.

Despite my very selective (and boring) views on hip nop beats, this conversation made me understand the importance human groove takes in his abstract beats, which is confirmed by his latest release, a collaboration with MelodiQ.

Brace yourself, those two tracks got vibes!

Melodiq by R33 cover art


Lately, the Unlog / Blackelk Recordings teams have been really busy working on this common release, which includes the work of different artists from all around the globe. After some fine tuning, today is the day : it’s finally out! Click, enjoy and share!

Big thanks to all those who have been supporting this project from the beginning. If you’re new here, welcome.


Due to download limits, to get the album, go on the label website:


• mp3 (320 kbps):

• alternative link

association between Unlog and French emergent label Blackelk Recordings. DJs, turntablists, producers, diggers, and music enthusiastic above all, UNLOG SELECTED EXCLUSIVE AND PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED material from 19 producers who hail  from different parts of the globe and show a wide panel of styles and moods.

Tracklist :

Grillo – Ella Ella (IT)

Aquel – Reminisce (JP)

Dajaz – Addic777ion (FR)

Jean du Voyage – Low Sill (FR)

R33 – Octobre (FR)

Mart-One – Bazi to Sun (FR)

Digi G’alessio – ESX1 routine (IT)

UM – Charly (FR)

Math Rosen -IMMRTL (CA)

Zeke Ugle – Get Lost (AUS)

Mlp – Tampax (FR)

Le Jad – L’Oligarchie (FR)

Audace – After Midnight (JP)

Noza – Naghtva Ugel (BE)

Supachip – Ghost Ride (US)

Mussck – The Gift of Eternity (UK)

Lapse – I Redshift (US)

VNDL – Mille Fragments (CA)

Archibald Singleton – Deadly Sandflies (CA)

[FREE DL] – Gilles l’EPicier de Québec – EPicerie Fine (Conflit d’Espace)


[Direct download wav files : http://blackelkrecordings.com/]

Artwork : Dr Rosenblum

Introducing Blackelk Recordings (2012) – Free DL inside

Introducing to you a new indie label based in southern France : Blackelk Recordings


Artists : 

MEDYUM : http://soundcloud.com/medyum/ – http://medyum.bandcamp.com/

UM : http://soundcloud.com/ultroniks – http://ultroniks.bandcamp.com/

Le Med : http://soundcloud.com/le-med – http://lemedparts.bandcamp.com/

KILLA CAM : http://soundcloud.com/mjwarp

DUFF ILL : http://soundcloud.com/duff-ill

FREAKS SHOW : http://soundcloud.com/freaksshow

EVERYDAYZ : http://soundcloud.com/musicforeverydayz

MLP : http://soundcloud.com/dj_mlp

SOFTLYEND : http://soundcloud.com/softlyend

DRUMPAD FAMELIK : http://soundcloud.com/famelik

HENTITAN : http://soundcloud.com/hentitan

JEAN 3D : http://soundcloud.com/jean3d

L’ ADLD : http://soundcloud.com/largent-de-la-drogue

DR ROSEMBLUM : http://soundcloud.com/dr-rosemblum

AUREGRAFIK : http://www.auregrafik.com/

Latest releases : 

The Blackelk website offers the first two releases for free download in WAV format.



More vibes are to come very soon, stay tuned!