Can a website be human enough to allow us to say that a website is another website’s friend? Seriously, I have no clue, I don’t even care so stop asking weird questions, will you?
Famelik here. I’ve decided to mark this transition to spring and to make some things more explicit : Unlog is, one way or another, connected to many people and projects. So lets do an update and introduce you to some of them. Not because they pay us, but because each one of them deserves it.


• Kalbut DSGN : Graphics you’d like to fuck

We can credit Mr Freezy for most of our visual and graphic identity at Unlog. The best ones I mean. Hailing from Belgium,
he and his partner in grime are talended hard workers who teamed up go way beyond your expectations in graphism, art and product design.
> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kalbut-DSGN/206733312704625

• High On Beats : Electronic music dream team from Montreal

Formerly JaimeLeDubstep.com, HOB is an art collective based out of Montreal, Canada. The core team consists of Construct, Def Child, Geoff Bukk, Amy DubSelekta, Wally and Rob Habit, working with an extended team of people who all are actors in the Montreal music scene. They all joined forces to share their love and passion for contemporary underground electronic music of all kinds, with a focus on bass, beats and sound culture. You’ll undestand it at the first look on their brand new website, which offers a variety of content that will make you a busy listener for the days, weeks, months (years?) to come. Long life to HOB!
> http://www.highonbeats.com


• Stroll Around the Groove : Rare groove weekly radio show

Crate digging and rare groove here. SATG is a weekly radio show and event I’m proud to be part of. Pride is not even the right word, but the best I have in mind to express how amazing it is to discover by my teammates’ digging report every week. We’ve recently celebrated our 33th radio show, and we certainly won’t stop here. Sit tight, we bring the records.
> http://cjlo.com/onair/stroll-around-groove

• Rider Radio : Never ending stream of tunes

RR is an innovative web based music platform that provides exclusive mixes, playlists and live performances, as well as reports on emerging trends from our correspondents across the world. We teamed up with this brand new project to bring some Unlog vibes to the platform, so expect some more news on this side soon! +1 for their amazing interface and the quality of their live shows. Hard work, again.
> http://www.rider-radio.com

• Beat4Battle : Cut it up f.f.fresh…

2013, and still, B4B is one of the most active boards for turntablists and beatmakers all around the world. Each day, new people with different levels, different music orientation join the family to share media, events and knowledge about turntablism, challenging each other on monthly scratch and beatmaker battles. What else, join the crew!
> http://www.beat4battle.fr

• Audace Radio : trip to Japan

Our crew members are based in France, Canada, Belgium, and Japan. For those among you who’re interested in the Japan part, here’s the link for you. Audace Radio is the main project of our friend Audace, DJ and producer based in Tokyo. Apart from his own events, label releases, mixes, he’ll also share content related to the hip hop/broken beat/electronics scene in Tokyo. Stay in the loop.
> http://audaceradio.com/

• Tales from the Crate : Radio show based in Belgium

Belgium again, with our friends Fabot and Reverend D (B4B, Pipolass) who’ll keep you in the loop on the latest releases linked to the turntablism and beatmaker scene in Europe and around the world. French language again, but you’ll like their selections. Tune in!
> http://talesfromthecrateradioshow.blogspot.ca

• BassMusic Magazine : Bass music, yes. But French style.

When DJ Noyl does not dig for Unlog on work on his beat-juggling patterns, he writes articles for his french family : Bass Music Mag. A web-zine magazine focused on bass music, with articles, interviews, portrait, chroniques, playlists and a diary of french events.
> http://www.bassmusic.fr

• Blackelk Recordings : A new beat scene based in Southern France

If you’ve been hanging around lately, you’ve obviously read several times about Blackelk Recordings. Created by UM, one of our very first podcasters, the label recently celebrated its first anniversary and plans some interesting things for 2013. All the catalogue of this new beat scene is available for free download, a good opportunity to discover previous works from artists such as Broken Drop, UM, Everydayz, Duff Ill, Hentitan, Killacam, Le Med, MLp, Freaks Show Spores, Famelik (who’s that guy again?) and many more. No shameless promo here : our connection being the logical consequence of our similar views on music, they definitely have to be on that list.
> http://blackelkrecordings.com

• Shabu Recordings : Splash

« post arty ambient electroacoustic synth music inspired by acid and techno » can be an option if you try to find a keyword combo to describe what’s Shabu about « whatever, just feed me new music » could be another combo. Either way, this Montreal based label holds the key to a world known to few people, full of immersive textures you’ll sometimes want to listen to at night. Axel Helios, Jesse Somfay, Avus, Niccolò Bianchi, Vaghe Stelle, Groj… are the core artists signed on this label, not to add the impressive list of artists about to join the spash (hehe, I know, you don’t). Thanks again to Axel Helios for mastering our Ravi Shankar tribute beat tape by the way!
> https://www.facebook.com/shaburecordings


Props to our team, our party friends, artists who contribute to the projects, to all those who listen, follow, support, help, love, share, read, acknowledge our existence, whatever. Many other websites and people would fit here but we’ll keep some for the next update. What an update.

As usual :

> Unlog Podcasts

> Unlog x Blackelk Recordings : Unlog Complex 01 (Free download beat tape)

> Unlog : A tribute to Ravi Shankar (Free download beat tape)

UNLOg Podcast #8 – Tchoupz

Here we are… Time for Number 8!

Meet Tchoupz, one of our Unlog bloggers and podcasters.

DJ and producer, hailing from Toulouse (France), he delivers us this HEAVY podcast after a long wait. Let’s welcome the first podcast of 2012.

)) What’s musically to expect by the next 6 months?

Lot of shit…

)) What’s your current top 5 ?

– Koan Sound

– All the Project Mooncircle stuff

– Neosignal

– Peace Off Recordings

– Unlog

))) What is the most disturbing thing you’ve seen/heard this week?

The sound systems being TOO LOUD in Montreal, I mean, what the fuck…?


Wait and see! Coming soon. ASAP.

Time for the tracklist : 

1- Crunk Junkee – Love & Light\
2- Life – Love & Light / Scraps from Speaker Humpin – Subvert (Opiuo Remix)\
3- Monkey Crunk (intro) – Opiuo\
4- Otoro – Ill Gates\
5- Bottle Of Bumpy – jOBOT\
6- Speech Therapy – Glitchy & Scratchy / Samples from Low and Easy – Spoonbill\
7- Trillogy – Ill Gates\
8- Covered In Lobsters – Tipper\
9- Slappy Cans – Opiuo feat. The Mollusk\
10- Razor Back – Tipper\
11- Meanwhile in The Future – Koan Sound\
12- Hobblestone (instrumental) – JPOD The Beat Chef\
13- Talk Box – Koan Sound / Sample from Half A Lamington – Spoonbill\
14- Deal With It – Kill The Noise (Koan Sound Remix)\
15- Weapon – Planet Soap\
16- Displaced – Noisia\
17- Basic Memory – Phace\
18- What’s Wrong – Phace & Misanthrop\
19- Kingdom – Spor\

Download Unlog Podcast #8

Unlog Party #4 – 15 Oct 2011 @ Petit Voisin (Toulouse – FR)

Toujours au Petit Voisin après une escale Montréalaise Unlog reprend du service à Toulouse

Cette fois ci deux invités :

– LOOWOOD (UNLOG), notre Unlog selecta basé à Montpellier qui nous a réalisé le dernier Unlog Podcast en date à télécharger et/ou écouter ici :

◊ http://soundcloud.com/loo-2/unlog-podcast-ertyz ◊
Un bon set à base de Future bass / Hip-hop pour démarrer la soirée !

– DENSHU KOZO (OLFAKTKRU) : habitué des soirées dubstep toulousaines et animateur de Bass Vision sur Radio FMR poursuivra pour un set dubstep.

Checkez da page soundcloud :
◊ http://soundcloud.com/denshukozo

– TCHOUPZ VS VEGA (UNLOG) : comme lors de la dernière soirée un set à 3 platines du glitch-hop, dubstep, drum and bass arrosé de scratchs.

Toujours 22h/3h : 3€

Tu peux même venir en poney on t’en voudra pas 😉

Bref on a pas beaucoup communiqué sur le coup donc faites tourner le mot !!!

Pour l’actu, les podcast et la lecture ça se passe toujours ici —->>>https://unlog.wordpress.com/

A ce week end !

FB EVENT : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=124607324311968

UNLOG PARTY #1 – Toulouse (FR)

FIRST Unlog Event will take place in Toulouse (FRANCE),



37, Rue Peyrolières



Friday, March 25th, 2011 @ the PV Bar

. Vendredi 25 Mars 2011 au Bar Le PV .

Unlog Party #1

Une méchante vibe californienne venue du fin fond de l’Ariège, un printemps sale et filthy…

Pour cette première, pleine de banging beats, de glitch et de wobbles, vous aurez droit à un line up composé de 2 de nos DJ/turntablists/bloggers/beatmakers/unloggueurs/hosts, Vega et Tchoupz.

Pour cette première Unlog Session de DJ Hesa.

L’event à faire tourner sur Facebook :




Vega (Glitch Hop – Dubstep)

[B4B Freestyle Scratch Champion 2010]


Ecoute son dernier mix par ici



Tchoupz (Dubstep – Turntablism)


Pareil, son dernier mix est en écoute ici

[One more step for Break Chorists]


DJ Hesa (Electro – Hip Hop – Turntablism)

HESA a.k.a. Mr PrHESAdent, passionné par la musique dès mon plus jeune âge, et plus particulièrement de HIP HOP, courant culturel qui m’habite depuis 1992, j’ai été amené au scratch grâce aux multiples mix tapes de CUT KILLER, les K7 PASS-PASS et JR EWING usées dans mon walkman lors de mes compos graffiti de 1997 à 1999.
Mais envahi par les allers / retours du son du vynil dans mes oreilles, j’ai laissé la bombe de peinture pour acheter ma première table de mixage (une NUMARK PRO SM1, à l’époque elle venait de sortir et dépourvu de platines, j’étais invité partout pour la brancher !)

Puis j’ai eu quelques collaboration scratchées avec des groupes comme LIPID TRON ou encore ABRAXXXAS, ainsi que DJ FOUFOU pour la Drum, et sans oublier SPAZM, SHEITONE et MOM’S pour le HIP HOP, et dernièrement parmi les 22 finalistes sur 196 participants lors du WTK WORLDWIDE SCRATCH BATTLE 2010.




P.A.F. : 3 euros

T’es paré maintenant, il ne te reste plus qu’à faire le plein de sons sur le blog et à faire tourner l’info à tes potes.