Shinect : A major update is coming + private beta version

[Read our article describing Shinect, the program dedicated to controlling music live using a Kinect device.]


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Hi all!

I have some pretty exciting news for you: a new Shinect version is soon to be released : Shinect 0.48 !

Here is a list of the main new features:

– Shinect is no longer a console-based application! Just click on it to start it, as you would with any software, no console commands knowlege is required!
– Calibration is now about ten times faster (thanks to the new OpenNI version)
– Installation has been simplified
– Wiimote support with auto-detection (if no wiimotes are available, the pads settings return to a default kinect-based behavior)
– Layout page switching: you can ‘scroll’ between different layout pages with gestures
– New basic GUI: just right click on the Shinect view to select your setttings
– MIDI output is now a global parameter (no longer config file specific) and can be selected or changed via the new context menu
– You can now switch between config files dynamically (select your file using the new context menu)
– Added an option to keep the Shinect window on top of others apps
– Info and error messages are now displayed on top of the view

This version is currently in private beta phase, so if you’d like to help me by testing it, just contact me on twitter: ShiniKnobz

SHINECT.COM : Website open!

Some weeks ago, we’ve been posting here a video of a project called Shinect, a way to use the Kinect wireless technology (XBOX’s videogame controller based on motion capture) as a MIDI Control interface.

Today, the Shinect project launched its website, on which you can find all the downloads, informations or application of this amazing software!

Shinect, midi using Kinect

« Shinect is a Midi controller that uses Kinect. It’s written in C++ and runs on Windows (XP/Vista/7, 32 or 64bits).
It’s a simple standalone application that uses basic augmented reality with Kinect to send any Midi output messages to any Midi port, physical or virtual, so you can control any software or hardware gear. »

Time to test it now!

Get in touch on the contact section to contribute to the project

Make a donation and support the project

Shinect – Kinect as a MIDI Controller

Minority Report beatmaking? Well, it’s on the way. Shinect is one of the projects which will, in a close future, allow you to control music, at home or on stage, with your hands, arms, head, elbows, DOGS, BURRITOS, and EVEN THE ROBOT! (assuming you already have a robot at home, by the way, who doesn’t?)

Here’s a short demo Shini made with his early 0.3 version of Shinect (which has already evolved a lot), demo which will show you basically how his system works.

One last thing to remind you before leaving you to the excitement this video will bring in the air, and right now I know you’re already thinking about all the different ways you’ll be able to use it when you’ll finally get it :


Stay tuned!