Zerolex – Floating


Here’s the new EP  »Floating » from Zerolex. This young beatmaker from Besancon (google it that’s in France) is signed on Ekleltik records wich is also the Yoggyone label. You’ve probably ever heard of one of his side project, Cotton claw.
This new EP between hiphop and electronic is definitively a  »must listen ». Enjoy

Today’s pick : Digi G’alessio & Jonwayne

These pick’s aim was to introduce 2 artists and provide at least one free download to you readers, ok the third is for me and… i already fucked up the established pattern. Yes, week end can be an excuse but a better forgiveness is to publish 2 free downloads (yeah, so generous) i dug this week.

First one is from Digi G’Alessio, this italian beatmaker you heard in the Unlog Complex #1. The purple book is the third in a concept series based on colours, as the two others are yellow and brown. Dropped on June 16th on the belgian label Caoutchou Records. Very good vibes in this beat tape, big grooves… you know what to do : listen, name your price if you dig it, download and put this tape into your mp3 player.

Follow Digi :

Second one if from Jonwayne, this US producer you may already read about or listened in the 2nd Unlog Podcast, released his last EP « Jonwayne fucks Disney » on Stone Throw records.

As you certainly guessed, this EP focuses on samples from Disney’s movies, produced with an iPad, a Zoom H2, and, as usual, SP404.


Turnsteak feat. Ira Lee – Kids want to fuck + Remixes [FREE DOWNLOAD]


ITD music presents the first track from Turnsteak’s upcoming EP project “DRIFTING AWAY”, which is to be released on February 17th (vinyl & digital).

“Kids want to fuck” feat. Ira Lee

The release includes two remixes from GESTE (Equinox Records & Fin de Siècle) and Pierre The Motionless (Simili Crew).

TURNSTEAK / IRA LEE -Kids Want To Fuck by turnsteak

WAVEFORM – Freeform Records (30 Sept 2011)

Another album with a mystical triangle and a space background, including 20 broken-swaggy-jazz-inspired instrumental beats?
Epic Waveforms, yes, and you know that’s why you’re here… 

Available both in digital and CD version, this is the second release appearing on Freeform Records, label created in early 2011 by the Manchester based artist Rise (aka Mecca:83).
Being now locked on listening to As Valet’s Collision track and its amazing spacing work, I’ll leave you with Freeform’s introduction to this release, tracklist, etc.
« The first compilation from FreeForm features some of the freshest and most innovative talent in the worldwide beats scene.
From the jazz infused production of Jesse Futerman, to the post-Dilla swagger of Fitz Ambro$e: Waveform documents the diversity and ever evolving sound of instrumental beats.

Released 30 September 2011″
Get it on Freeform Records’ Bandcamp
Freeform Records on Facebook
Tracklust :
1 Ta-Ku – Lighter 03:07
2 3LLL – Indigo Principle 02:15
3 Called Understandable Souls – Could Not Find You 04:11
4 Fantastikclick & SPORT G – Channel 8 03:36
5 As Valet – Collision 01:59
6 Chris△re – Greenwon 02:12
7 Fitz Ambro$e – Kassie 01:33
8 RLP – Minovsky Physics 02:32
9 Haz Solo – Fisher Price 01:56
10 Kan Sano – Fonce’s Sky 04:14
11 Mind Touch – LeT’M Do 01:26
12 Jesse Futerman – Dawn Wawn 03:23
13 Repeat Pattern – All The Heads 02:41
14 Somepling – Eightbars Kaffra 02:11
15 K15 – Alone / Together 02:50
16 Mndsgn – Peasfol 03:24
17 Innobushu – Kombucha 02:56
18 ProfLogik – DrEaM sEqUeNcE 03:13
19 Sir Froderick – Sittinlonely88 02:19
20 Infinite Potentials – Happy Head Nods 02:16

1st June 2011 // Exodos Online movie screening on Fyutchaflex TV

FYUTCHAFLEX TV : Fyutchaflex Records, a polymorphic and multimedia Future Garage Label’s new webTV project

« FYUTCHAFLEX TV is an online TV channel focusing on old school and contemporary UK Garage. Interviews, tutorials, music videos and much more. We occasionally hold screenings to showcase movies from the best independent filmmakers. »


EXODOS : Retsina-Film independent movie – produced in cooperation with Sender Freies Neukölln (2011 Germany), nominated for the Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival

« Exodos tells the story of Boris Eichenbaum and a handful of people looking for answers and « exit doors » – it is the story of people who had enough of the current social and economic context. »

Full informations and credits about the movie :



Presented on Fyutchaflex tv with the kind permission of Retsina-Film Berlin-Neukoelln.

Date: 1st of June 2011
Time: from 10:00pm, Tokyo-Osaka-Hokkaido time.
Price: FREE. However, if you liked the movie, I encourage you to give a donation (any amount will do) to the producers so they can keep making more movies.