Piu Piu Documentary #1


On vous avez déjà parlé du collectif Piu Piu ici, notamment sur leurs deux beattapes sorti en 2012, aujourd’hui ils reviennent pour vous présenter la première parti de leur documentaire « PIU PIU, a film about Montreal beat scene » réalisé par Aïsha C. Vertus & Philippe Sawicki, vous y retrouverez différents talents de la scène musicale expérimentale/post-rap de Montréal comme, Poirier, Vlooper & Kenlo, Alaclair, Kaytranada et bien d’autre encore.

Piu Piu documentary



Vlooper – Snowloops

Music Is My Sanctuary is very proud to bring you the new VLOOPER record which happens to be our very first “release”. We have tons of love, admiration and respect from “traditional” labels which is why we won’t call ourselves one (at least for now). The most important thing here is that we are using our platform and voice to support artists we really love. I think that if we can help in a small way bring back respect to the artistic process of making a record, then it will all be worth it. If you happen to like an artist then you should support him or her and help them make more music, which you will love. (It’s a good personal investment!)

About “Snowloops”: “The idea behind the record was to freeze a moment in time. My wife Modlee just gave birth to our little girl (which inspired the song “Little Queen”) so I wanted to mark the event by recording the sounds that were floating around during the birth of our first child. “Snowloops” is on a space is the place vibe: some disconnected parts, some connected. I was trying to capture all the emotions surrounding that period… but like most of my productions, it’s made for night walks and headphone trips.”
– VLooper



Today’s Pick: Kaytradamus & Crunksauce Vol1

Kaytradamus – Kaytrap

One of the most productive montreal’s producers. It’s his fourth EP since the beginning of 2012. Here’s the new one « Kaytrap ». He represents what we call Piu Piu in the poutine’s capital.

You can also check guys like V-LooperKenlo craqnuques and the others actors of this growing up movement.

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More infos: Music is my sanctuary

Crunksauce Vol1

The Crunksauce Vol. 1 compilation is out! First Released by Chillage Records which include Lazer Tooth, Joe Daddy, Spoken BirdUrple Eeple, Oddjob, Isturite, Mia Lolita, Dubzilla and Dissent.

Piu Piu Documentary Promo Album


This documentary about the Montreal beat scene will be released this summer. In the meantime, here’s the promo album.

More infos soon…


Well, it’s finally time to tell you about a project we’ve been involved in for a couple months now. We are helping put together a documentary on the on the very inspiring beat scene we have in Montreal these days. It’s called “PIU PIU: Exploring the Montreal Beat Scene” A project led by two MIMS collaborators: Philippe Sawicki andAisha Vertus but done with the collaboration of a lot of people in the Montreal music scene, people like Sevdee, Scott C, Poirier, Maxime Robin, the Alaiz crew to name a few.

It’s a short documentary that will take a look at some of the key players in the Montreal scene. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to feature absolutely everyone but I guess that will be for Volume 2. We don’t have the pretention of being able to tell the whole story, we simply want to provide a snapshot of a scene we all love! The launch of the project will be on June 8th as we combine forces with the good folks at ARTBEAT MONTREAL to do a big throwdown with over 10 live performances and a very special guest! Our good friend ONRA! (Event link)

So… until then, we have the perfect treat for you. A free compilation featuring 16 tracks of mostly unreleased tracks from Kenlo, Kaytradamus, Maxime Robin, Dr. MaD, and so on…

Alaclair Ensemble – Un PIOU PIOU parmi tant d’autres

Alaclair est une troupe de postrigodon bas-canadienne zigzaguant entre Quoibec et Mourial.
Moyennée par les gradués du Alaclair High, sa fin est le brizassage de fizzoules.
Alaclair Ensemble, c’est pour les enfants.

Alaclair Ensemble