Today’s pick : Mussck & LeGaScred

As I was busy on packing boxes and criticizing another study highliting recurrent chords in popular music that Axel Helios sent me, some tracks from Alva Noto were in charge of the sound design of my living room. Which made my roommate’s groove addict ears feel quite concerned about the health of my laptop (first entity in the whole creation to ever cumulate the status of IA and the condition of zombie). This basic cause/consequence effect we all know led me to the decision of playing something else.

This decision definitely changed the pattern of the day (and maybe switched my 2 brain hemispheres, no big deal), and here are the two parameters implied.

VALANCE DRAKES (aka Mussck) – Fallen Innocence [BK -K 028] For those among you who have never heard of his previous work, Mussck is a kind of IDM genius living in UK, already responsible for an almost uncountable amount of project, and who was the first to send us a track when we started our Unlog Complex #1 project. Available today as a free download release on the Japanese label Bunkai-Kei recordings, this 8 tracks project is one of those that literally takes all your short and long term available brain space to teach you one again what a single sound can carry as a texture, an entity, a part of a story. I didn’t expect to sound so poetic at that part of the day but yeah, that’s exactly what I mean to say right now. Judge by yourselves.

[BK-K_028]Fallen Innocence_main

LeGaScred – Myriapod EP

Once the previous album over, you still ask yourself « what should play next? What’s the meaning of all that? ». At that moment, it’s great to have another digger friend in the person of VNDL who forwarded me 20 hours before an amazing EP, which would perfectly match in that precise moment. I pressed play again : I was right, second musical slap with this Myriapod EP. I really can’t wait to hear more from him released on a forward looking label.

Myriapode EP cover art

Follow that link for more, we’re reaching a moment in which more words would be worthless, your ears would do a better job than me and my keyboard right now.

Yet, there’s an obvious connection between you reading this blog and me writing this article, which might lead you to associate those two releases in the same playlist too.

Just give it a try.

I’m back my own music. Boxes can wait. Everything can wait now.


Lately, the Unlog / Blackelk Recordings teams have been really busy working on this common release, which includes the work of different artists from all around the globe. After some fine tuning, today is the day : it’s finally out! Click, enjoy and share!

Big thanks to all those who have been supporting this project from the beginning. If you’re new here, welcome.

Due to download limits, to get the album, go on the label website:


• mp3 (320 kbps):

• alternative link

association between Unlog and French emergent label Blackelk Recordings. DJs, turntablists, producers, diggers, and music enthusiastic above all, UNLOG SELECTED EXCLUSIVE AND PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED material from 19 producers who hail  from different parts of the globe and show a wide panel of styles and moods.

Tracklist :

Grillo – Ella Ella (IT)

Aquel – Reminisce (JP)

Dajaz – Addic777ion (FR)

Jean du Voyage – Low Sill (FR)

R33 – Octobre (FR)

Mart-One – Bazi to Sun (FR)

Digi G’alessio – ESX1 routine (IT)

UM – Charly (FR)

Math Rosen -IMMRTL (CA)

Zeke Ugle – Get Lost (AUS)

Mlp – Tampax (FR)

Le Jad – L’Oligarchie (FR)

Audace – After Midnight (JP)

Noza – Naghtva Ugel (BE)

Supachip – Ghost Ride (US)

Mussck – The Gift of Eternity (UK)

Lapse – I Redshift (US)

VNDL – Mille Fragments (CA)

Archibald Singleton – Deadly Sandflies (CA)

[Unlog Selection] 5 Free Downloads to start 2012

Happy new year to all our readers. 2011 complete, let’s start this new year with a selection of 5 free downloads to feed your ears. Here we go!


For this fourth compilation, Mad Hop gathers artists such as kidkanevil, Pixelord, Mussck, Ichiro, 813, YoggyOne and many more.

« At the end of the first year on our own, Mad-Hop is proud to present our forth compilation with the release date set for the end of December! For this edition, we joined forces with all our favorite labels that set the standard in the futuristic sounds we love so much. We feel that supporting them is as important as supporting the beatmakers and producers we have mentioned so far.
For this edition only, we also joined forces with graffiti artists from Poland and Slovenia. Their work will soon be displayed on our webpage so stay tuned! »

Check also : Mad Hop  vol.1,  vol.2 & vol.3


2) SWEATSON KLANK – Falling into infinity

« Last year , DUBLAB.COM invited a diverse spectrum of music makers from around the world to contribute 8-second loops with any ambience, rhythm, tonality or texture they desired. This song was created using the exhibition’s original 8-second audio loops as their sole sound sources. No extra samples, instruments, vocals or sound sources were used in the creation of these songs. Just like the original audio loops included in the exhibition these remixes are offered to the public under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial Copyright License. This means that you are free to legally download, share, and re-re-re-re-remix these songs for noncommercial purposes. There are more remixes posted here:« 

[DOWNLOAD SWEATSON KLANK – Falling into infinity]

3) Resolved Dissonance – When it rains EP

Some chill hip hop instrumentals available for free download in this second EP by the Ontario based producer Resolved Dissonance.

[DOWNLOAD Resolved Dissonance – When it rains EP]



5) “…at least” – The Final Compilation of ElectroSound Netlabel (selected tunes 2005–2011)


feat. 2H Company, 5-40am, 30[eks], Abstract Motion, Ainm, Ambidextrous, Astrowind, Au7um, Bezmenia, Blondin, BTB, CD-R, CellarDoor, Dunaewsky 69, Dyad, Elena Nikitaeva, EU, Fizzarum, Galya Chikiss, htrspltn, K.D. Expression, Katya Chehova, Koalips, Legobyte, Livelectro, Maguett, Maina, mb-ent, Milinal, Mirushum, Modul, Monokle, Morkva, moroza_knozova, Nikita Golyshev, Nitro, Normaa, NoThanx, Novel 23, Pavel Pronskiy, PLEE!, Polina Voronova, Prince Monaco, Reii, Re:mote, Re’sequence, Siba, Sleepy Town Manufacture, SM, Taiga, Test Pressing, The Kirbi, Tonearm, Tulo, I/Dex, Uniquetunes, Unkind, Valkir, Yellow Blue Bus, Zolotu

[DOWNLOAD 50 TRACKS (574mb, 4h4m47s, 320kbps mp3)]

Mussck – The Girl Who Fell From The Sky [GVRSMUS1]

April 1st, time for a new MusSck release.

Mussck – The Girl Who Fell From The Sky [GVRSMUS1]

Purchase links :

AddictechChemical Records /CD Baby / Digital Tunes / DJ Tunes / Juno

Released @ Global Vortex Records 2011

Dedicated to Shkala Ritter

« angels have no thought of ever returning you”…Billie Holiday Gloomy Sunday

More releases here :