UNLOg Podcast #13 – Noyl x Famelik

Long time no see, how have you been? It’s time for a new podcast. _______________________________________ BLA : NOYL & FAMELIK. We’re part of the Unlog Family. What else? Good guys. _______________________________________ PODCAST : Download Unlog Podcast #13 Cracklist Bluestaeb – Time travellerJopedo – Gorilla GrooveKing knut – StavangerAlaclair ensemble – CapotéToastdawg – Love loopFamelik – Crop triangleSertOne – […]

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Lately, the Unlog / Blackelk Recordings teams have been really busy working on this common release, which includes the work of different artists from all around the globe. After some fine tuning, today is the day : it’s finally out! Click, enjoy and share! Big thanks to all those who have been supporting this project […]

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