You probably ever heard Ghislain Poirier (ninja tunes) and you know his skills as a tropical bass producer. But don’t forget that he hasn’t always produced some tropical bass. With this project under Boundary’s name, he’s back with an album which mix atmospheric beats, IDM and ambient. If you still had doubts on Poirier’s efficiency, […]

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Lately, the Unlog / Blackelk Recordings teams have been really busy working on this common release, which includes the work of different artists from all around the globe. After some fine tuning, today is the day : it’s finally out! Click, enjoy and share! Big thanks to all those who have been supporting this project […]

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Painting Pictures On Silence v2

Enig’matik is set to catapult listeners into a glitch fuelled daze of aural anti-gravity, with the highly anticipated second volume of their eclectic compilation series « Painting Pictures On Silence ». a 22 track journey encompassing some of the most original and unique producers from vast corners of the globe. From respected pioneers such as Si Begg […]

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