Finest Ego | Faces 12″ Series Vol. 4


« Originally hailing from Krasnodar, Russia and Bielefeld, Germany, one was inspired by naive childhood memories of imaginative creatures seen floating in the nighttime sky, while the other looks into an uncertain future that holds the anxiety of a fresh start but also the ever present risk of failure. The artwork takes these motifs and implements them in a vision of technological enhancements of human capacities and evolvement, forming a futuristic symbiosis that enables for synaesthetic senses heightened to an subatomic degree. But it is unsure, however, if these augmentations can actually expand our human experience or rather amplify our solitary existence and emotional void while traveling across fantastic worlds and the universal vacuum filling the space between.

Krasnodar, Russia: In the midst of grey soviet housing projects, a young boy enjoys playing and improvising his first little melodies on his parents piano. Always being inspired by the nature nearby the city – memories of peaceful springtime swimming sessions in the Black Sea come to mind – Lomovolokno grows up fascinated by machinery like samplers and the rapidly increasing possibilities of modern computers. Delving deeply into twisting melodies, building sounds and crossing notes leads his way to first field recordings resulting in an influx of elements ranging from waves of the sea, the wind, sand, crackling noises, banging and rustling becoming a part of his sound.

Sieren is the maiden name of Matthias Frick’s mother and also his current alias under which he started to release his first free tracks in 2011. Rumor has it that he has a dark secret history of producing experimental techno, albeit his love for UK influenced bass music existed for more than one handful of years. It was not until recently that he began to make the most of his love for field recording and experimental soundscaping and is now throwing his full force into music, while simultaneously finishing a university degree in computer science and design before moving from small town to métropole to follow a new set of challenges and advance to the next stage of his life. »

UNLOg Podcast #12 – Engone Endong • Dimensions

Long time no see, how have you been? It’s time for a new podcast.





Engone also appears on our latest beat tape, tribute to Ravi Shankar, with the track Morning Bloom.


Download Unlog Podcast #12

1- Albior lude
2- HarpQuanta
3- Omega
4- Sous l’orage
5- Le Dominant
6- Ulquiora lude
7- Oh yeah!
8- Baybee
9- Dialectix
10- LuvLand
11- Blu
12- Agora lude
13- Maezinha
14- Seiya Lude
15- Indigo Seed
16- Medzimba (skit)
17- The Shrine Overture
18- Shinsō (GodSpear)


Engone Endong is a busy cat.

Just for this year, the Montreal based producer/beatmaker and Dj is working on 3 different projects, including his debut album that he relates himself as an « Off the Planet » journey.

In December 2012, he put online a free album, « Colored Dust (lite) », under the name of the fictive band, Atsie Sun Orchestra.
This project was a huge success and was downloaded more than 5000 times (Japan with 2000 downloads)!!!
He also composed the entire soundtrack of the virtual experience of the movie/documentary « Les Etats-Unis d’Afrique- United States of Africa » by Yanick Letourneau.

Engone describes his music as an experience, a fusion of cultures and traditions, a mix of genres that can’t be really defined without listening.
He also cites Sun Ra, Alice Coltrane, Fela Kuti and traditional teachings from all across Africa as inspirations.

He started his career under the mentorship of mythic Siya Po’ssi X in 2000 (pioneer of gabonese Hip-Hop) and since then he collaborated with numerous artists such as Elom 20ce (Togo), Waahli Yussef (Canada), Safari Black (USA)…

With Dj Sugarface Nene (Beat the World, Canicule Tropicale), they formed the duet Dj combo, Kelly+Engone, performing live the Essence of Traditional Music (Latin, African, Asian, etc…) with samplers, rare vynils and percussions.

This podcast is another journey in the colored universe of Engone Endong.
From japanese mangas (Saint Seiya, Bleach) to the Bwiti and Mvet music (Gabon), It opens another window and give an interesting perspective of things to come.

He sure is a busy cat.



UNLOg Podcast #11 – Coco Bryce

COCO BRYCE (MYOR / Fremdtunes / Harmönia / Lowriders / Saturate Records)

Longer the wait, longer the podcast!

A. Einstein

Netherlands based DJ, producer and MYOR label owner, Coco Bryce delivers us a tasty and eclectic 1 hour long podcast, exploring different moods and vibes.

Our advice : Listen to the full podcast, you might find some gems here and there that will give you a preview of what many call « future ».


Download Unlog Podcast #11


More on Coco Bryce :

And some more music, while you’re here.

UNLOg Podcast #10 – DJ Pound

September… Let’s start over

Summer’s not over with this podcast brought to you from San Diego by DJ Pound.

Here we have an original beat set recorded on August 2nd at the Critical Beatdown event, a future hip hop weekly hosted in San Diego by DJ Pound, eLan, Mike Gao, DJ Cleancut.

Let’s press play and invite you to discover DJ Pound’s previous releases on Saturate Records (Robot Whispers is incredible) and Kill Quanti, (Post-Haste 10″ coproduced with e-Lan),


Download Unlog Podcast #10




More on DJ Pound :

Want more?

7.10.12 – BOILER ROOM (LA)- w Houseshoes / eLan /mndsgn +more
8.11.12 – ELEV8 w HeRobust + more (SD)
9.19.12 – LOW END THEORY ( LA)

Painting Pictures On Silence v2

Enig’matik is set to catapult listeners into a glitch fuelled daze of aural anti-gravity, with the highly anticipated second volume of their eclectic compilation series « Painting Pictures On Silence ». a 22 track journey encompassing some of the most original and unique producers from vast corners of the globe. From respected pioneers such as Si Begg and Fine Cut Bodies to artists such as Mindtree who represent an exciting new brand of youth wizardry, v2 is a release that will cement Enig’matik at the forefront of intricate and eclectic glitch based productions.

A place to get lost in the details, to imagine a world that doesn’t exist and to catapult your senses and imagination skyward, Enig’matik and its ever growing collective of artists constantly push boundaries with cutting edge digital technology, choosing to jack into a digital world where their fingertips create unfathomable expanses, exploring and ever reaching into a limitless world of sonic creation.

as a collective, Enig’matik is a breed of producers staying true to their own individual journeys into the unknown territories of sound exploration, whilst expressing themselves in a pure form of energy vibration. Intertwining personal experiences and distant memories with experimental lashings of abstract frequencies on their sonic canvas’s, each individual artist has their own unique stories to share, presented alongside likeminded artists in a future fuelled environment of microscopic life.

in a world of aural experimentalia where words can often be superfluous, Enig’matik invites you to strap in and make your reality what you CHOOSE to believe.

Check out for the « painting Pictures on silence V1 »:

More infos: Bandcamp

[Unlog x Blackelk] = UNLOg Complex Ep.1 // 10 days left

Unlog people, here comes our next Unlog project…

that will mark the end of our first 10 podcasts cycle.

This first beat tape, made in collaboration with the french based label Blackelk Recordings, will feature previously unreleased and exclusive material provided by artists from all around the globe, (artists we’d already like to thank again and again for their work) and will be available on June 1st for free download.

Expect the Unlog sound you’ve been used to hear around our pages and podcast. Tracklisting? Be patient, some more precise details and clues will be added here and there, from this blog to our Facebook page.

Stay connected and spread the good news!

Prochain projet Unlog…

qui marquera la fin du cycle de nos 10 premier podcasts,
cette première beat tape réalisée en collaboration avec Blackelk Recordings et à laquelle de nombreux invités nous ont fait l’honneur de participer sera en ligne le 1er juin prochain.

Au programme, le son auquel vous avez déjà été plus ou moins habitués si vous avez suivi les podcasts et notre blog, le tout en téléchargement libre.

Plus d’infos au cours du mois de Mai, et quelques indices du tracklisting final traineront sûrement d’ici là entre ce blog et  Facebook.

Restez connectés et faites passer le mot.