Clozee – The poetic assassin

Clozee the poetic assassin

 »Much like a fine wine, the newest EP from French producer CloZee gets better with time; each listen unveils one more layer in her deliberate and memorable productions. « The Poetic Assassin » is five tracks which are simultaneously fresh yet nostalgic, providing what could be a stunning soundtrack to a movie which has not yet been made. Chloé Herry showcases her myriad of musical talents at every turn, from live strings and keys to intricate drum programming and glitched out percussion. The progression through the album could be likened to the ebb and flow of the tides, as stirring melodies fluidly give way to captivating basslines before returning into familiar emotive territory. »

Rubber beats vol. IV – Caoutchou Records

rubberbeats caoutchou

 »Once again we’ve gathered 20 artists from around the globe for our yearly Rubber Beats compilation! The result is an eclectic assembly of challenging music with an edge: from skweee, trap, juke and glitch-hop to jazz, indie and electronica. »

Artwork by Fbs

Minoo – All The World

All the World it’s new Minoo album realesed on young label Mad-Hop . On his second album, the producer from Krakow follows the path he marked out on his debut « White Mice » (Asphalt Records, 2011). Outcome oscillates on the border of experimental hip-hop and electronics introducing a consistent climate. A novelty for fans of Minoo may be invited guests. We can hear not only great Polish MC’s and producer (O.S.T.R., Teielte, ZBRKLKU) but also from those from other countries (Jon Kennedy, DJ.3kc, Oh-Neco, Pixelord). All the World is relesed in two versions – digital , which you can dawnload for free with Bandcamp, and on exclusive transparent winyl, which you can buy directly from Mad-Hop Label. Aftrer oficiall winyl premire (1.08.2012) you can bay it also Asphaltshop, and in many music shop around the word (actual list is in Mad-Hop site).

[UNLOg x Sur Le Beat] Podcast #9 by Archibald Singleton

This month, and after a long wait, Unlog teams up with Sur Le Beat (CA)  for a cross podcast!

Sur Le Beat is a Montreal based french speaking blog created by Archibald Singleton and Sylv9st9r, that also focuses on pushing that weird music pattern that keeps your head nodding.

For this cross podcast project, we’re pleased to have Archibald Singleton, also of the duo project The Gulf Stream  (Daly City Recordings, Archipel) as our guest podcaster for this 9th edition. This 9th podcast (tracklist and download below) Meanwhile, Sur le Beat is simultaneously releasing an Unlog made podcast. Who? More details here :

Short Q&A with Archibald :

)) Who are you?

 Jerome Guilleaume also known as Archibald Singleton in some fields. I play with sound.

)) What’s musically to expect by the next 6 months?

 We are releasing our second EP with my main project, The Gulf Stream, on May 17th. We are pretty happy to release this at last. We are also working on a Audio-visual project with VJ Ma », called Trajectoires, the teaser can be seen here: . There are more details on our facebook page, with dates etc.
I’m also writing the music for a theater piece that will play next may, at SAT (Montréal) and simultaneously in Geneva, Switzerland. A really interesting project involving live video and music.

))) What’s your current top 5 ?

Kilowatts – Nocturnal Sunrise
Ichiro_ – Nerima Atsui Shinu
Modeselektor – Berlin
Himuro Yoshiteru – Inryoku
Raj Mahal’s mixtape, Jar

))) What is the most disturbing thing you’ve seen/heard this week?

 I’m hardly bothered by disturbing things but I won’t lie, I wasn’t able to finish that video about that new Crocodile drug, you are basically roting alive.

))) Joker?

 It might sound geek but I can’t wait for the second season of Game of Thrones. The first one was a gem,


Nouveau Palais – Drama (Famelik remix RMSTR) – Unreleaded
JmeJ – Funktasticular – Unreleased
Who cares – Show Me Some Change (Knight Rider remix) – Teenage Ego Trip Remixes
E40 – The Server (MC2 remix) – Internet Release
Sebatian – Head-off – Ross Ross Ross
Machine Drum &Melo X – Let it (acapella) – Let It EP
Nasty Ways – Pass Me The Lazer Beam – Internet release
Robot Koch – Devil Drums (Alex B remix) – Friends of Friends Vol.3
B&K – En faux – Unreleased
Xzibit – Paparazzi (acapella)
Wiley – 100% Publishing – Boom Boom Da Na (acapella)
Leathal Bizzle – Pow 2011 (Taal Mala remix) – Unreleased
Wiley – 100% Publishing – One Hit Wonder Instrumental
Alaclair Ensemble – Moulin Bin Sec – Dans l’South du Bas (acapella)

Download Unlog Podcast #9

Feel free to share it around you, and make sure you also check the other side of this podcast, available on SUR LE BEAT.



Samples – Life of the Party [MAL030]

For those who missed it, Ben Samples has released his latest EP on MalLabel Music.

Ben Samples, well respected badman in the glitch hop arena, comes correct with a brand new batch of amazing, original material with his first full release from MalLabel Music, the deftly titled Life of the Party EP, four choice tunes ready to permeate dance floors worldwide Feb. 28th.

The EP comprises a grip of spry, chunky grooves packaged magnificently into some incredible bass bin knocking jams. Opening up the EP is Capture the Flag, a beastly melody stuffed with heroic, buzzing analog bass lines grinding aside stoutly hip hop breaks. Second is a veritable attention grabber entitled Bred 2 Party, endowed with ripping, crunchily distorted leads and big beats sure to set a party in motion quickly. Song number three, Onyx, is a gutsy, funky track full of thickly laden warm fuzz tones and a slapping rhythm. Finally, closing out the EP is the darkest of the quartet. Basscraft chugs and lurches with a lumbering gate, spouting intriguing sound design audio bits and an eerie, superbly supernatural vibe.

The Life of the Party EP is a certified body mover, a gem of a release that continues MalLabel’s already sterling, diverse 2012 schedule, and it’s a demonstration of one of glitch hop’s supreme talents.

1. Capture the Flag
2. Bred2Party
3. Onyx
4. Basscraft

Cop it here :

UNLOG PARTY 5 (Toulouse)

Ca faisait un petit moment !

Après une édition Montréalaise , le versant Français du crew UNLOG se remet aux platines pour réchauffer l’atmosphère en ce milieu d’hiver !

On se retrouve comme d’habitude au Petit Voisin ce samedi 25 Février pour une nouvelle soirée!

Au programme :

MENDOSAM : Hip-hop to glitch

HESA VS VEGA : 3 Turntables set : Glitch to DnB

SHEIT’ONE : Drumstep to Drill

Et comme on reste pas derrière nos platines pour appuyer sur play , le scratch sera bien sûr présent !

Parlez en autour de vous, ça nous fera du bien.

Bien sûr les poney et les bichons sont nos amis, donc ne sois pas effrayé, tu peux venir avec tes potes les plus sauvages !

Ta mère t’as puni? C’est pas grave tu peux toujours te replier sur les podcasts , et faire ta propre Unlog dans ta chambre !
Le dernier en date a été mixé par Tchoupz from Montréal 

Tu peux le télécharger ici .



MC2 ‘Beat Em Up’ EP [CBR010] – Out now on Chateau Bruyant Records

Party time!

MC2 s latest EP Beat Em Up  is out today on Chateau Bruyant Records.


« Marseille’s glitch hop duet MC2 comes up this january with a wonder of an EP. Adding some dubstep in their glitch, Miosine and Ckel yet stick to their very own style : somewhere between yesterday’s electro funk, today’s bassmusic and tomorrow stuff. Beat Em up has all it takes to make a great track : classic synthlines, surprise at every drop, this EP is as eficient as beautiful.
Title track is an epic dubstep banger, based on a great melody supported by fat distorted basslines and surrounded by glitchy sounds and arps. Delightful. Feel Roll In is a drumstep glitch hop tribute to whom you know. As weird as it might seem, it does exactly what it says on the tin, while rockin any Phil Collins hater at his own surprise.
Asfor Computer Slave it s another glitch hop banger : bad bass, beautiful pads, nervous cuts, and another mad melody on second drop. It’s all about power and surprise.
Also watch the freebie that comes with the EP as this huge mash up of Infectious Groove classic Violent and Funky will please all 90s lovers. »

More :