LITHIUM – Chemistry mag birthday compilation


The Chemistry is a young French online magazine that deals with various topics, going from art to fashion and music.

On the occasion of the magazine’s second birthday the lab has decided to break out his brand new project called “LITHIUM”, which is basically a 24 tracks compilation. This can also be experienced throughout a series limited edition tapes.

This humble project mainly includes Beat & Bass music and has for main goal to reflect the image of the magazine through a selection of artists. This new recipe associate very promising young talents with producers who have already proved themselves. LITHIUM has no boundaries and is not about elitism, only dope music matters.

Dark atmosphere, aquatic tracks, jazzy tuning, furious beats, LITHIUM brings an assortment of tracks that includes different moods but still being part of the same musical genre. Along the listening you will clearly discover the songs complement one another. We could say that the whole team is proud of this very first compilation.

Project Mooncircle – Uprising

project mooncircle - uprising

« This year’s label-compilation thematically revolves all about the rise up from the generic. It is about young talented artists who are still struggling on their way up and are out there to make a name for themselves.

A wild stallion fights it’s way up from the dirt and tries to receive recognition by separating itself from the herd. Breaking through the anonymity of the group to the freedom of running through endless land- and soundscapes into horizons of new sonic worlds.

The compilation includes IIIII (Five Eyes), KRTS, Sieren, my.head, FiJi, Long Arm, Kidkanevil, Daisuke Tanabe, Hanami, Julien Mier, Deft, submerse, opti, Den5hion, Tom Day, Monsoonsiren, Tendts, Thriftworks, DH the Mythicalifornian, PYUR, Rain Dog, Daixie, FauDeam, Jean du Voyage, Djéla, Pierre Harmegnies, Robot Koch, Robert Valsinger, Blossom, Neema, Tomika, How Green, Drogtech, Bruises, Night Logic, Deep Shoq, Stèv, Cass., Anna Marjamäki, Vitrion, and MockSun. »

Unlog Party #4 – 15 Oct 2011 @ Petit Voisin (Toulouse – FR)

Toujours au Petit Voisin après une escale Montréalaise Unlog reprend du service à Toulouse

Cette fois ci deux invités :

– LOOWOOD (UNLOG), notre Unlog selecta basé à Montpellier qui nous a réalisé le dernier Unlog Podcast en date à télécharger et/ou écouter ici :

◊ ◊
Un bon set à base de Future bass / Hip-hop pour démarrer la soirée !

– DENSHU KOZO (OLFAKTKRU) : habitué des soirées dubstep toulousaines et animateur de Bass Vision sur Radio FMR poursuivra pour un set dubstep.

Checkez da page soundcloud :

– TCHOUPZ VS VEGA (UNLOG) : comme lors de la dernière soirée un set à 3 platines du glitch-hop, dubstep, drum and bass arrosé de scratchs.

Toujours 22h/3h : 3€

Tu peux même venir en poney on t’en voudra pas 😉

Bref on a pas beaucoup communiqué sur le coup donc faites tourner le mot !!!

Pour l’actu, les podcast et la lecture ça se passe toujours ici —->>>

A ce week end !