Unlog Complex #02 cover art

Himuro Yoshiteru / A Thousand Vows / Math Rosen / TuRnStEaK / H-SIK / Audace / Ato X Yapo / Jealousguy / VECT / Engone Endong / Zomb. / Famelik / Bueller Tout’nou / Loowood / Morbin / R33 Soundmakin’ / Everydayz

* Special credit on Hydra by Jealousguy: Written and produced by Masami Takahashi. Mastered by Ian Carter
Originally released by Original Cultures on Zoooriginals #1
Available on 7 » Vinyl : originalcultures.bandcamp.com/album/zoooriginals-1-7


Merci à tous ceux qui ont pris part, de près ou de loin, à ce projet au cours des deux derniers mois.

Thanks to everyone who took part to this project over the last two months.

Official Trailer: vimeo.com/70142701#


released 16 July 2013
Cover: Mourad Bennacer
Mastering: Axel Hélie Fontaine. www.soundcloud.com/a-x-cell
Trailer: Bruno Destombes www.brunodcapture.com

UNLOg Podcast #13 – Noyl x Famelik

Long time no see, how have you been? It’s time for a new podcast.



BLA : NOYL & FAMELIK. We’re part of the Unlog Family. What else? Good guys.



Download Unlog Podcast #13


Bluestaeb – Time traveller
Jopedo – Gorilla Groove
King knut – Stavanger
Alaclair ensemble – Capoté
Toastdawg – Love loop
Famelik – Crop triangle
SertOne – Vangelis Kush
Esta – Drkshdw
Mart One – Who are you (remix)
Dnte – Out of control
Insightful – Too too many souls
Ultroniks – Sacrifices
3LLL – Kilo
Pavel Dovgal – The drug
Lucid dream interlude
Famelik – Fata Morgana
Tomamura – Frozen
R33 Soundmakin’ – X / IDWT
Aoki Takamasa – rhythm variation 02
Andherpackage – e.l.p -bt
Clark – Skyward Bruise Descent
Ultroniks – Hippy camp
Loowood – Illusion
Everydayz – L’Absence Face B Part 1
Buffalo Daughter – Jellyfish blues
Jean du Voyage – Eclipse feat. Pierre Harmegnies

More on NOYL / FAMELIK :




Can a website be human enough to allow us to say that a website is another website’s friend? Seriously, I have no clue, I don’t even care so stop asking weird questions, will you?
Famelik here. I’ve decided to mark this transition to spring and to make some things more explicit : Unlog is, one way or another, connected to many people and projects. So lets do an update and introduce you to some of them. Not because they pay us, but because each one of them deserves it.


• Kalbut DSGN : Graphics you’d like to fuck

We can credit Mr Freezy for most of our visual and graphic identity at Unlog. The best ones I mean. Hailing from Belgium,
he and his partner in grime are talended hard workers who teamed up go way beyond your expectations in graphism, art and product design.
> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kalbut-DSGN/206733312704625

• High On Beats : Electronic music dream team from Montreal

Formerly JaimeLeDubstep.com, HOB is an art collective based out of Montreal, Canada. The core team consists of Construct, Def Child, Geoff Bukk, Amy DubSelekta, Wally and Rob Habit, working with an extended team of people who all are actors in the Montreal music scene. They all joined forces to share their love and passion for contemporary underground electronic music of all kinds, with a focus on bass, beats and sound culture. You’ll undestand it at the first look on their brand new website, which offers a variety of content that will make you a busy listener for the days, weeks, months (years?) to come. Long life to HOB!
> http://www.highonbeats.com


• Stroll Around the Groove : Rare groove weekly radio show

Crate digging and rare groove here. SATG is a weekly radio show and event I’m proud to be part of. Pride is not even the right word, but the best I have in mind to express how amazing it is to discover by my teammates’ digging report every week. We’ve recently celebrated our 33th radio show, and we certainly won’t stop here. Sit tight, we bring the records.
> http://cjlo.com/onair/stroll-around-groove

• Rider Radio : Never ending stream of tunes

RR is an innovative web based music platform that provides exclusive mixes, playlists and live performances, as well as reports on emerging trends from our correspondents across the world. We teamed up with this brand new project to bring some Unlog vibes to the platform, so expect some more news on this side soon! +1 for their amazing interface and the quality of their live shows. Hard work, again.
> http://www.rider-radio.com

• Beat4Battle : Cut it up f.f.fresh…

2013, and still, B4B is one of the most active boards for turntablists and beatmakers all around the world. Each day, new people with different levels, different music orientation join the family to share media, events and knowledge about turntablism, challenging each other on monthly scratch and beatmaker battles. What else, join the crew!
> http://www.beat4battle.fr

• Audace Radio : trip to Japan

Our crew members are based in France, Canada, Belgium, and Japan. For those among you who’re interested in the Japan part, here’s the link for you. Audace Radio is the main project of our friend Audace, DJ and producer based in Tokyo. Apart from his own events, label releases, mixes, he’ll also share content related to the hip hop/broken beat/electronics scene in Tokyo. Stay in the loop.
> http://audaceradio.com/

• Tales from the Crate : Radio show based in Belgium

Belgium again, with our friends Fabot and Reverend D (B4B, Pipolass) who’ll keep you in the loop on the latest releases linked to the turntablism and beatmaker scene in Europe and around the world. French language again, but you’ll like their selections. Tune in!
> http://talesfromthecrateradioshow.blogspot.ca

• BassMusic Magazine : Bass music, yes. But French style.

When DJ Noyl does not dig for Unlog on work on his beat-juggling patterns, he writes articles for his french family : Bass Music Mag. A web-zine magazine focused on bass music, with articles, interviews, portrait, chroniques, playlists and a diary of french events.
> http://www.bassmusic.fr

• Blackelk Recordings : A new beat scene based in Southern France

If you’ve been hanging around lately, you’ve obviously read several times about Blackelk Recordings. Created by UM, one of our very first podcasters, the label recently celebrated its first anniversary and plans some interesting things for 2013. All the catalogue of this new beat scene is available for free download, a good opportunity to discover previous works from artists such as Broken Drop, UM, Everydayz, Duff Ill, Hentitan, Killacam, Le Med, MLp, Freaks Show Spores, Famelik (who’s that guy again?) and many more. No shameless promo here : our connection being the logical consequence of our similar views on music, they definitely have to be on that list.
> http://blackelkrecordings.com

• Shabu Recordings : Splash

« post arty ambient electroacoustic synth music inspired by acid and techno » can be an option if you try to find a keyword combo to describe what’s Shabu about « whatever, just feed me new music » could be another combo. Either way, this Montreal based label holds the key to a world known to few people, full of immersive textures you’ll sometimes want to listen to at night. Axel Helios, Jesse Somfay, Avus, Niccolò Bianchi, Vaghe Stelle, Groj… are the core artists signed on this label, not to add the impressive list of artists about to join the spash (hehe, I know, you don’t). Thanks again to Axel Helios for mastering our Ravi Shankar tribute beat tape by the way!
> https://www.facebook.com/shaburecordings


Props to our team, our party friends, artists who contribute to the projects, to all those who listen, follow, support, help, love, share, read, acknowledge our existence, whatever. Many other websites and people would fit here but we’ll keep some for the next update. What an update.

As usual :

> Unlog Podcasts

> Unlog x Blackelk Recordings : Unlog Complex 01 (Free download beat tape)

> Unlog : A tribute to Ravi Shankar (Free download beat tape)

Unlog – A tribute to Ravi Shankar [Free download beat tape]

ravi def

Cette compilation, disponible en téléchargement libre chez Unlog, est l’hommage rendu par 12 beatmakers de différents bords à l’univers de Ravi Shankar, célèbre compositeur indien et inspiration incontournable décédé en décembre dernier. Merci à tous ceux qui ont pris part, de près ou de loin, à ce projet au cours des deux derniers mois.


This compilation, available for free download, is the tribute paid by 12 eclectic beatmakers to the world of Ravi Shankar, famous Indian composer who died last December. Thanks to everyone who took part to this project over the last two months.


• Cover: Julien Charbonneau

• Mastering: Axel Hélie Fontaine.


01 – FelPrezidente – Hari Om 02:33
02 – L.Boy Jr – Goodnight Daddi Shankar 02:22
03 – M. Robin – Voice Over 03:15
04 – R33 Soundmakin – Radio Jaipur 04:05
05 – W – Awaa 03:00
06 – Skribe – Le refuge 04:08
07 – Archibald Singleton – Shankar’s sun path 03:26
08 – Hark – Nada Brahma 03:31
09 – Misty LD – Citharegang 03:41
10 – Famelik – Minor Offense 02:50
11 – Tehu – As found 03:39
12 – Engone Endong – Morning Bloom 02:36

Elkollection #2 [BLKE#010] – Free Download wav/mp3

Remember Elkollection #1?

Elkollection #2 [BLKE#010] is now out on the french label Blackelk Recordings

This 11 tracks compilation gathers the latest works of some of the label’s artists :

[Famelik, Jean du Voyage, Duff Ill, MLp, Killacam, Cheikh Mehdi, UM Le Villain, Hentitan, Dajaz, Le Med, Nolive.]



Introducing Blackelk Recordings (2012) – Free DL inside

Introducing to you a new indie label based in southern France : Blackelk Recordings


Artists : 

MEDYUM : http://soundcloud.com/medyum/ – http://medyum.bandcamp.com/

UM : http://soundcloud.com/ultroniks – http://ultroniks.bandcamp.com/

Le Med : http://soundcloud.com/le-med – http://lemedparts.bandcamp.com/

KILLA CAM : http://soundcloud.com/mjwarp

DUFF ILL : http://soundcloud.com/duff-ill

FREAKS SHOW : http://soundcloud.com/freaksshow

EVERYDAYZ : http://soundcloud.com/musicforeverydayz

MLP : http://soundcloud.com/dj_mlp

SOFTLYEND : http://soundcloud.com/softlyend

DRUMPAD FAMELIK : http://soundcloud.com/famelik

HENTITAN : http://soundcloud.com/hentitan

JEAN 3D : http://soundcloud.com/jean3d

L’ ADLD : http://soundcloud.com/largent-de-la-drogue

DR ROSEMBLUM : http://soundcloud.com/dr-rosemblum

AUREGRAFIK : http://www.auregrafik.com/

Latest releases : 

The Blackelk website offers the first two releases for free download in WAV format.



More vibes are to come very soon, stay tuned!

UNLOG PARTY MTL #1 // June 30th // Famelik – DJ Noyl – Construct – Gloo

For the first time in Montreal, Unlog leaves the interwebs to spread Epic Waveforms in a live DJ event.

> June 30th (Thursday, next day is a day off)

> Bar L’Alizé – 900 Rue Ontario Est, Montréal


㊀ GLOO ㊀
㊀ C-MOS ㊀

◊ 5$ at the door


㊀ GLOO [FR – MTL] ㊀ 


> NOTE : You may have had the occasion to catch up this french Montréal based DJ, essentially for his latest amazing DnB sets @ Deep Jam Tuesdays [Djewel’s weekly at The Saphir Bar, MTL]. If you missed that, well here’s another occasion to make friends with an enthusiasthic and authentic referenced selecta work when he takes over the decks. An unexpected and accurate digging,

> BIO : Coming soon

[JaimeLeDubstep.com, Wickedbad.net, Dub Cartel Records, Dubstep.FM, Jungletrain.net]


> NOTE : Is it worth reading Construct’s bio to know what to expect? … Mmmm.. Definately.

> BIO : Construct works too much and must perform on stage to survive. It may sound crazy but this guy keeps really busy. Founder of international podcast & blog, J’aime Le Dubstep, Construct has been pushing bass in every way possible. Starting in Halifax 5 years ago as a DnB/Breaks promoter, he discovered Dubstep and propelled himself to the air waves of CKDU.ca 88.1FM for a 2 year stint before making moves to Montreal. Jumping on board with Vilify at Bass Drive Wednesdays and running two weekly radio shows at Sub.FM & Jungletrain.net, it wasn’t long before Constuct had rinsed all the biggest clubs Montreal. Performing on stage with acts such as Benga, Skream, Rusko, Goldie, Bassnectar, Chrispy, Borgore, and many more. His intense energy on stage is felt by everyone as he tears through crates of exclusive bone shaking Dubstep/Bass Music or mind shattering Riddims & Amens; all while jumping, kicking & screaming at the helms of the mixer.

Construct is a definitive source of cutting edge Bass Music that pleases the heads to the haters every time he blows up a party. Catch him Live on Air every Tuesday night on Dubstep.FM – 8pm EST / 5pm PST / 1am UK. This summer at Evolve Festival and Sunseekers Ballroom.

Joe Nice : “Construct has TUNES. Watch out Halifax!”

Construct has shared the stage with:
Skream, Benga, Rusko, Bassnectar, Goldie, Starkey, Bar9, Borgore, Emalkay, Datsik, Excision, Nero (x2), LA Riots, DJ Lord, 6 Blocc (x2), 0=0, RSD, DZ (x3), Poirier (x2), XI, Doorly (x2), Chrispy, Roksonix, Sixteen Arm Jack, C64, High Rankin, Joe Nice (x2), Downlink, Vaski (x2), Le Belge Electrod, Bare Noize, Cookie Monsta, 12th Planet, Total Recall, Claw, Zeds Dead, Mark Instinct (x2), Capital J, Freaky Flow, Dieselboy (x2), iLL.Gates (x4), Luke Envoy, and so forth.

Dubstep.FM – Tuesdays 8-10:30pm EST / 1-3:30am UK

㊂ DJ NOYL [FR – MTL] ㊂


> NOTE : When he’s not actually mixing, he may be scratching over Famelik’s tunes, and even ping-pong with Famelik.

> BIO : Originaire du hiphop et du turntablism ou il a pu faire ses armes avec les plus grands champions DMC ou encore les birdy nam nam, Noyl s’est tourné vers le breakbeat et le dubstep ou il a la particularité d’utiliser ses talents de scratcheur en insérant des routines scratch et beatjuggling dans ses sets et mixtapes.
Maintenant basé à Montréal, il a partagé l’affiche avec dirtyphonics, nero ou encore rusko.

NOYL opte de plus pour un moyen de diffusion totalement gratuit, vous pourrez télécharger
sa mixtape « riotstarter » et ses autres mix sur son myspace.

Originating from hiphop and turntablism where he perfected his art among the greatest DMC champions or the birdy nam nam, NOYL turned to breakbeat and dubstep where he use his talents of scatcher to insert scratch and beatjuggling routines in his sets ans mixtapes.
Presently based in Montreal, he shared the stage with dirtyphonics, nero and even rusko.

NOYL has opted for a free broadcasting, you may therefore download his dubstep mix tape ‘’riotstarter’’ and his other mixes on his myspace page.

> MORE? : http://www.djnoyl.com/


> STYLE : … You mean genre?

> NOTE : When not glitching his own mix, he might be mashing up DJ Noyl’s tracks, maybe even ping pong with him.

> BIO :
— Part of the Unlog team, what else?
— wonky-bassmusic-glitch-whateverstepcore.
— http://www.famelik.com/


◊ A few words about Unlog, for those who’re just joining : This electronic music oriented blog is the results of a collaboration between a team of music nerds, djs, producers, live performers, selecta, based either in Canada, France and Belgium.
Among a selection of the finest waveforms, free download web digging, and many extra reviews, we host monthly podcasts in which meet different flavours coming from bass music, electronica, wonky music, future beats, and more… Watch out, next podcast to come is provided to you by VNDL (Montréal)!

** Mr. Freeze – Leucodermia **

Here I’m back!!!

That’s the last mix I did during this fuckin rainy sunday. What better than organize some tunes to make your head banging??

So as well, one shot mix, few mistakes also as well, but fukkkit. If you want the playlist, just notify it in the comments and I’ll give it to you. So now, it’s time to enjoy it. (don’t forget, some backwards are always welcome….) You’ve got the choice between listen it by clicking on that crappy visual, or down here on the soundcloud player. A full .aiff version is downloadable.

*** Bluh ***