UNLOg Podcast #13 – Noyl x Famelik

Long time no see, how have you been? It’s time for a new podcast. _______________________________________ BLA : NOYL & FAMELIK. We’re part of the Unlog Family. What else? Good guys. _______________________________________ PODCAST : Download Unlog Podcast #13 Cracklist Bluestaeb – Time travellerJopedo – Gorilla GrooveKing knut – StavangerAlaclair ensemble – CapotéToastdawg – Love loopFamelik – Crop triangleSertOne – […]

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Everydayz – L’Absence

We’ve posted the video of  »L’Absence » few days ago, the new (expected) EP from Everydayz is now available. If you’ve followed this beatmaker since few years like us, you already know that he got a huge potential. We’ve waited almost one year for his new project but the result is better than expected. That’s a […]

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Can a website be human enough to allow us to say that a website is another website’s friend? Seriously, I have no clue, I don’t even care so stop asking weird questions, will you? Famelik here. I’ve decided to mark this transition to spring and to make some things more explicit : Unlog is, one […]

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Stereotree – 5 Years

Happy fifth birthday to this french label who release this great compilation with Fulgeance, Walter Mecca, Tayreeb, Everydayz, rookies like The Waters, the beatmaker jeune Karn or Sirkri, Myth Syzer, Vect, Mister Bibal, K?m.f., the Belgian Noza and YoggyOne..Enjoy

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Introducing Blackelk Recordings (2012) – Free DL inside

Introducing to you a new indie label based in southern France : Blackelk Recordings http://www.blackelkrecordings.com Artists :  MEDYUM : http://soundcloud.com/medyum/ – http://medyum.bandcamp.com/ UM : http://soundcloud.com/ultroniks – http://ultroniks.bandcamp.com/ Le Med : http://soundcloud.com/le-med – http://lemedparts.bandcamp.com/ KILLA CAM : http://soundcloud.com/mjwarp DUFF ILL : http://soundcloud.com/duff-ill FREAKS SHOW : http://soundcloud.com/freaksshow EVERYDAYZ : http://soundcloud.com/musicforeverydayz MLP : http://soundcloud.com/dj_mlp SOFTLYEND : http://soundcloud.com/softlyend DRUMPAD FAMELIK : http://soundcloud.com/famelik HENTITAN : http://soundcloud.com/hentitan JEAN 3D : http://soundcloud.com/jean3d L’ ADLD : http://soundcloud.com/largent-de-la-drogue DR ROSEMBLUM : http://soundcloud.com/dr-rosemblum AUREGRAFIK […]

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