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 »Once again we’ve gathered 20 artists from around the globe for our yearly Rubber Beats compilation! The result is an eclectic assembly of challenging music with an edge: from skweee, trap, juke and glitch-hop to jazz, indie and electronica. »

Artwork by Fbs



Unlog Complex #02 cover art

Himuro Yoshiteru / A Thousand Vows / Math Rosen / TuRnStEaK / H-SIK / Audace / Ato X Yapo / Jealousguy / VECT / Engone Endong / Zomb. / Famelik / Bueller Tout’nou / Loowood / Morbin / R33 Soundmakin’ / Everydayz

* Special credit on Hydra by Jealousguy: Written and produced by Masami Takahashi. Mastered by Ian Carter
Originally released by Original Cultures on Zoooriginals #1
Available on 7 » Vinyl :


Merci à tous ceux qui ont pris part, de près ou de loin, à ce projet au cours des deux derniers mois.

Thanks to everyone who took part to this project over the last two months.

Official Trailer:


released 16 July 2013
Cover: Mourad Bennacer
Mastering: Axel Hélie Fontaine.
Trailer: Bruno Destombes

Mind Tree – Element4l Original Soundtrack


We’ve presented you Mind tree by enig’matik record for his glitch tracks. You can now listen to the album  »Element4l » of one the best glitch producer in Australia. Enjoy.

Bedouin – Pavel Dovgal


As you can see in my posts since few months, it’s a secret to nobody, i like the project mooncircle artists. With this new album, Pavel Dovgal proves that he’s one of the most talented producer of this label.

Violin is create an atmosphere of anxiety, agitation, and emptiness at composition. But at the same time, we can clearly observed depth, independence and freedom in it. At times, sounding becomes to a mass of technogenic, sometimes it contains motifs of ancient Persia.
According to an artist, to create compositions he was inspired by sense of loneliness, hopelessness and splashes of freedom.

The album has worked by the whole team of musicians, actors and artists. JohnLaMonica has added his rich voice in album. Full color and atmosphere with violin and strings gave us Philip Saulin of « Synergy Orchestra ». He also provides a visual picture of what is happening around us. The author of the song Jesu Song was Sergei Verhovski.
Graciela Maria and Robot Koch are also worked on a song.
Bedouin is a person who leads a nomadic way of liferegardless of his nationality or religion. The freedom and independence. That is the philosophy of the author wanted to express.



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