The sixth installation of Label Love comes at a time in music where genres are cross-pollinating more than ever. Presented by veteran electronic soul label, Tru Thoughts, and delicately curated by the imprint’s US-label manager Jasmine De La Paz, Label Love Vol. 6 showcases 13 free tracks from 9 labels around the world. With […]

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Project Mooncircle – Uprising

« This year’s label-compilation thematically revolves all about the rise up from the generic. It is about young talented artists who are still struggling on their way up and are out there to make a name for themselves. A wild stallion fights it’s way up from the dirt and tries to receive recognition by separating itself […]

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Clozee – The poetic assassin

 »Much like a fine wine, the newest EP from French producer CloZee gets better with time; each listen unveils one more layer in her deliberate and memorable productions. « The Poetic Assassin » is five tracks which are simultaneously fresh yet nostalgic, providing what could be a stunning soundtrack to a movie which has not yet been […]

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Zerolex – Floating

Here’s the new EP  »Floating » from Zerolex. This young beatmaker from Besancon (google it that’s in France) is signed on Ekleltik records wich is also the Yoggyone label. You’ve probably ever heard of one of his side project, Cotton claw. This new EP between hiphop and electronic is definitively a  »must listen ». Enjoy

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