Débruit & Alsarah – aljawal الجوال (out on 11-11-2013)

Via soundwayrecords.com

« Soundway records present a unique record: a modern, haunting take on Sudanese music heard through the sonic lens of French artist / producer, Débruit and the poetic, ethereal lyrics and melodies of Sudanese-born singer Alsarah.

Aljawal (The Traveller) is a nomadic reflection for the 21st century. Each song reflects a new stop in the journey, with new cities and new people along the way. When Alsarah first heard Débruit’s music she sensed and recognised a fellow traveller through the space and geography of his influences, a sense of time and history coupled with a forward-thinking futuristic outlook.

Born in the capital city of Sudan, Khartoum, Alsarah spent the first 8 years of her life here before she relocated to Taez, Yemen with her family to escape the ever-stifling regime in her native country. She abruptly moved to the US in 1994, when a brief civil war broke out in Yemen, and has lived there to this day.  

Xavier Thomas revealed Débruit in 2008 with 2 sold out 12″s for his and Fulgeance’s Parisian “Musique Large” imprint. Three more EPs on Civil Music followed that included his hit ‘Nigeria What’. Piquing interest from the likes of XLR8R, Fact Mag, Benji B and Gilles Peterson his debut album ‘From The Horizon’ came out last year. His dazzling live electronics show has taken him around the world, from Russia to New York, Glastonbury to Sonar. 

On Aljawal he managed to capture and play with an analog sound that stretched the boundaries of the Sudanese rhythms and melodies that Alsarah had grown up with. A unique record was imagined and is finally presented here after a 2 year interplay of ideas and interaction between France and Brooklyn: Alsarah’s adopted home. »

– See more at: http://www.soundwayrecords.com/release/dbruit–alsarah/dbruit–alsarah—aljawal–sndw052#sthash.syWETIxz.dpuf 

Pattern Language – A.M. Architect


Daniel Stanush and Diego Chavez are A.M. Architect, a duo that melds live instrumentation and electronic production techniques into emotive, elegant compositions. Guitar layers and electric piano are broken apart, rebuilt and spread over a rhythm section that fuses hip-hop and beat music. Daniel describes their process, “We’ll record ideas really quickly, some piano, bass, guitar – and then immediately flip it into something new. Then we’ll record more ideas on top of it and flip it again, often ending up with 5 or 6 different compositions from the same source material. Some of those ideas spin off to become new songs, so the process tends to start over. That’s how we made Pattern Language.”

A.M. Architect is from San Antonio, Texas, but currently in Boston, Massachusetts. They have performed live with Tycho, Jimmy Edgar, Mux Mool, and Eliot Lipp.


released 05 February 2013

A.M. Architect – Pattern Language from Diego Chavez on Vimeo.

[Unlog Selection] 5 Free Downloads to start 2012

Happy new year to all our readers. 2011 complete, let’s start this new year with a selection of 5 free downloads to feed your ears. Here we go!


For this fourth compilation, Mad Hop gathers artists such as kidkanevil, Pixelord, Mussck, Ichiro, 813, YoggyOne and many more.

« At the end of the first year on our own, Mad-Hop is proud to present our forth compilation with the release date set for the end of December! For this edition, we joined forces with all our favorite labels that set the standard in the futuristic sounds we love so much. We feel that supporting them is as important as supporting the beatmakers and producers we have mentioned so far.
For this edition only, we also joined forces with graffiti artists from Poland and Slovenia. Their work will soon be displayed on our webpage so stay tuned! »

Check also : Mad Hop  vol.1,  vol.2 & vol.3


2) SWEATSON KLANK – Falling into infinity

« Last year , DUBLAB.COM invited a diverse spectrum of music makers from around the world to contribute 8-second loops with any ambience, rhythm, tonality or texture they desired. This song was created using the exhibition’s original 8-second audio loops as their sole sound sources. No extra samples, instruments, vocals or sound sources were used in the creation of these songs. Just like the original audio loops included in the exhibition these remixes are offered to the public under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial Copyright License. This means that you are free to legally download, share, and re-re-re-re-remix these songs for noncommercial purposes. There are more remixes posted here:http://tinyurl.com/7y82uq6« 

[DOWNLOAD SWEATSON KLANK – Falling into infinity]

3) Resolved Dissonance – When it rains EP

Some chill hip hop instrumentals available for free download in this second EP by the Ontario based producer Resolved Dissonance.

[DOWNLOAD Resolved Dissonance – When it rains EP]



5) “…at least” – The Final Compilation of ElectroSound Netlabel (selected tunes 2005–2011)


feat. 2H Company, 5-40am, 30[eks], Abstract Motion, Ainm, Ambidextrous, Astrowind, Au7um, Bezmenia, Blondin, BTB, CD-R, CellarDoor, Dunaewsky 69, Dyad, Elena Nikitaeva, EU, Fizzarum, Galya Chikiss, htrspltn, K.D. Expression, Katya Chehova, Koalips, Legobyte, Livelectro, Maguett, Maina, mb-ent, Milinal, Mirushum, Modul, Monokle, Morkva, moroza_knozova, Nikita Golyshev, Nitro, Normaa, NoThanx, Novel 23, Pavel Pronskiy, PLEE!, Polina Voronova, Prince Monaco, Reii, Re:mote, Re’sequence, Siba, Sleepy Town Manufacture, SM, Taiga, Test Pressing, The Kirbi, Tonearm, Tulo, I/Dex, Uniquetunes, Unkind, Valkir, Yellow Blue Bus, Zolotu

[DOWNLOAD 50 TRACKS (574mb, 4h4m47s, 320kbps mp3)]

RUMBLE FESTIVAL (Lyon, FR) – Bass Music Meeting // 5-6-7 Mai 2011

Rumble festival - Cliquer pour accéder au site


Rumble festival - Cliquer pour accéder au site

Rumble festival - Cliquer pour accéder au site



Le Rumble Festival se déroulera les 5, 6 et 7 mai prochain à la Marquise et dans les deux salles du Transbordeur. Il accueillera une trentaine d’artistes éminents de la scène Bass Music, pour la plupart venus d’Angleterre. Who’s ready to rumble ?

Après plusieurs années d’expérience dans l’organisation de soirées à dominante Bass Music à Lyon, l’équipe de Totaal Rez organise son premier festival. A l’occasion des artistes dont la renommée est internationale, pionners ou jeunes prodiges, viendront endiabler les salles lyonnaises tels que Shy FX, Dj Hype et Buraka Som Sistema.

A grands renforts de Dubstep, Drum n’ Bass, Future Garage, Breakbeat Tropical Bass, UK Funky, Electro, Dubwise et bien plus encore, la Bass Music est une classe musicale éclectique à la confluence des genres. Chacun trouve son plaisir dans des sonorités toutes différentes les unes des autres et relayées par d’abondantes basses fréquences. Cette musique chargée de sub n’a de cesse de faire brûler le dancefloor depuis de nombreuses années en Angleterre et s’exporte avec vélocité dans le monde entier.

Le festival sera également l’occasion de promouvoir les arts numériques en faisant appel aux  scénographes et VJ du Wiiskiller Krew, Nico Tico et Oblivion, dont le travail graphique apporte la touche suprême à un voyage coloré.

Programmation :

> JEUDI 5 MAI 2011, 22h00 – 05h00 @ LA MARQUISE – «Opening Night »

  • 20 quai Augagneur, 69003 LYON – Capacité 300 personnes
  • Avec : Rattus Rattus & Klose One, D-Wax, Major Klemt & Ohmwerk, M3t4, Dj Népi
ALVAX  Live Electro Break - (Totaal Rez - Lyon / FR)


> VENDREDI 6 MAI 2011, 21h00 – 05h00 @ LE TRANSBORDEUR

  • 3 boulevard Stalingrad, 69100 VILLEURBANNE – Capacité 1800 personnes
  • Avec : Dj Hype & Mc Daddy Earl, Mala & Mc Sgt. Pokes, Mj Cole, Plastician, Bok Bok, Concord Dawn, Vibronics Feat. Madu Messenger & Echo Ranks, Flore, Turnsteak, The Analogeeks et Booma Sound
  • Vjing & sceno by Wiiskiller Krew & Nico Tico

Turnsteak (Unlog homeboys)

DJ HYPE & MC DADDY EARL Drum n’ Bass - (Ganja Records / Playaz - Londres / UK)

DJ Hype (Legen...dary)

> SAMEDI 7 MAI 2011, 21h00 – 05h00 @ LE TRANSBORDEUR

  • 3 boulevard Stalingrad, 69100 VILLEURBANNE – Capacité 1800 personnes
  • Avec: Buraka Som Sistema (Dj+Mc), Shy Fx & Stamina MC, Toddla T, Untold, Roska, Emalkay, Ruckspin, Flatmate, Dr Roots, Neat
  • Vjing & sceno by Wiiskiller Krew, Nico Tico et Oblivion.

Buraka Som Sistema

Informations pratiques :

Préventes : (Carrefour, Fnac, Géant, Digitick, Ticketnet) : 22 € (hors frais de location)

Guichet : 25 €

Pass 2 jours : 38 € (hors frais de location)

www.totaalrez.com /// www.rumblefestival.com

UNLOG PARTY #1 – Toulouse (FR)

FIRST Unlog Event will take place in Toulouse (FRANCE),



37, Rue Peyrolières



Friday, March 25th, 2011 @ the PV Bar

. Vendredi 25 Mars 2011 au Bar Le PV .

Unlog Party #1

Une méchante vibe californienne venue du fin fond de l’Ariège, un printemps sale et filthy…

Pour cette première, pleine de banging beats, de glitch et de wobbles, vous aurez droit à un line up composé de 2 de nos DJ/turntablists/bloggers/beatmakers/unloggueurs/hosts, Vega et Tchoupz.

Pour cette première Unlog Session de DJ Hesa.

L’event à faire tourner sur Facebook :




Vega (Glitch Hop – Dubstep)

[B4B Freestyle Scratch Champion 2010]


Ecoute son dernier mix par ici



Tchoupz (Dubstep – Turntablism)


Pareil, son dernier mix est en écoute ici

[One more step for Break Chorists]


DJ Hesa (Electro – Hip Hop – Turntablism)

HESA a.k.a. Mr PrHESAdent, passionné par la musique dès mon plus jeune âge, et plus particulièrement de HIP HOP, courant culturel qui m’habite depuis 1992, j’ai été amené au scratch grâce aux multiples mix tapes de CUT KILLER, les K7 PASS-PASS et JR EWING usées dans mon walkman lors de mes compos graffiti de 1997 à 1999.
Mais envahi par les allers / retours du son du vynil dans mes oreilles, j’ai laissé la bombe de peinture pour acheter ma première table de mixage (une NUMARK PRO SM1, à l’époque elle venait de sortir et dépourvu de platines, j’étais invité partout pour la brancher !)

Puis j’ai eu quelques collaboration scratchées avec des groupes comme LIPID TRON ou encore ABRAXXXAS, ainsi que DJ FOUFOU pour la Drum, et sans oublier SPAZM, SHEITONE et MOM’S pour le HIP HOP, et dernièrement parmi les 22 finalistes sur 196 participants lors du WTK WORLDWIDE SCRATCH BATTLE 2010.




P.A.F. : 3 euros

T’es paré maintenant, il ne te reste plus qu’à faire le plein de sons sur le blog et à faire tourner l’info à tes potes.