Da Poet – Beattape

da poet beattape

Davulun Sesi is happy to unveil instrumental beats from Turkey’s one of the most talented beatmakers; Da Poet. He has been a part of Turkish hip hop scene for more than a decade now. The 21 tracks on “Beattape” are a pure introduction to Ozan Erdogan a.k.a. Da Poet’s banging sound.

Endong Engone – Colored Dust (DL) + SATG podcast

Engone – Live on CJLO radio – Oct 29th

Some of you crate diggers around here might already have checked the Stroll around the groove radio show. If not, just know that a part of the Unlog team is also part of that project, a radio show hosted on CJLO (Montréal) every monday night.Stroll and Unlog are cousins, in a way, Stroll being the old school cousin, focused on rare grooves in all its forms.Last show led us to know a bit more about our two Montreal based guests, Sugarface Nene (Beat the world) and beatmaker Endong Engone, as you can hear in our latest podcast (french speaking, but not that hard to handle).

What leads us the point to that article, a.k.a. a free download release from Endong Engone, soon to be followed by new material in some weeks. We’ll repost about it soon.

Enjoy 🙂

SATG  : http://www.cjlo.com/onair/stroll-around-groove

ENDONG ENGONE : http://endong.bandcamp.com

BEAT THE WORLD : http://www.cjlo.com/onair/beat-world

PS : What about a new Unlog event?

I know what you missed last summer

Vacations and summer are almost over. Maybe it’s time for a musical update for few of you.

Here are few albums that you can consider as my summer soundtrack. As you’ll see, most of it have been released on « soulection » and « HW&W recordings ».



Tryezz – Night Driven EP


More Infos: Tryezz’s Souncloud

EP Trailer


Lakim – Esoteric EP

More infos: Lakim’s Bandcamp

EP Trailer


Ta-Ku    –   Re ϟ Twerk

More infos: Ta-Ku’s Bandcamp


HW&W VOL. 1    (released in april)

More infos: HUH WHAT & WHERE’website


Today’s Pick: Kaytradamus & Crunksauce Vol1

Kaytradamus – Kaytrap

One of the most productive montreal’s producers. It’s his fourth EP since the beginning of 2012. Here’s the new one « Kaytrap ». He represents what we call Piu Piu in the poutine’s capital.

You can also check guys like V-LooperKenlo craqnuques and the others actors of this growing up movement.

Follow Kaytradamus:




More infos: Music is my sanctuary

Crunksauce Vol1

The Crunksauce Vol. 1 compilation is out! First Released by Chillage Records which include Lazer Tooth, Joe Daddy, Spoken BirdUrple Eeple, Oddjob, Isturite, Mia Lolita, Dubzilla and Dissent.

Today’s pick : Math Rosen & Everydayz

I’m a nice guy.

Except when you give me tiewraps. This post was needed because of the two main reasons today I’ve had to give up tiewrapping my own suitcase over and over. And I’m not done.

Still got tiewraps. Lots of missions to come.

Enough talk, here are the two reasons that brought me back to the human condition :


Among you readers, some might have already spotted him on some live beatmaking videos (like this one, or that one), or tripping on the Highlander theme (epic time) with the track IMMRTL he made for our Unlog compilation (I can’t believe you didn’t get it yet, never too late).

Math comes back with with Dragnet, an EP produced for Dragnet Magazine and that features remixes from Edison, Infector (in a way, Math Rosen himself) and Living Stone. They certainly know a lot about tiewraps to make such a brain stimulating and calculated sequence of beats. In a way, what else would you expect from Math…


One year back, his summer beat tape may have spent some time in your playlists. 2012, now signed on Blackelk Recordings, Ilia Koutchoukov aka Everydayz just released Etudes et Brouillons (Studies and drafts), available for free download. My advice would be to press play on the first song, and let it play itself. Except if you have to tiewrap your own room.

Shit, no more tiewraps… time to use TAPE…

Today’s pick : Digi G’alessio & Jonwayne

These pick’s aim was to introduce 2 artists and provide at least one free download to you readers, ok the third is for me and… i already fucked up the established pattern. Yes, week end can be an excuse but a better forgiveness is to publish 2 free downloads (yeah, so generous) i dug this week.

First one is from Digi G’Alessio, this italian beatmaker you heard in the Unlog Complex #1. The purple book is the third in a concept series based on colours, as the two others are yellow and brown. Dropped on June 16th on the belgian label Caoutchou Records. Very good vibes in this beat tape, big grooves… you know what to do : listen, name your price if you dig it, download and put this tape into your mp3 player.

Follow Digi :


Second one if from Jonwayne, this US producer you may already read about or listened in the 2nd Unlog Podcast, released his last EP « Jonwayne fucks Disney » on Stone Throw records.

As you certainly guessed, this EP focuses on samples from Disney’s movies, produced with an iPad, a Zoom H2, and, as usual, SP404.


Piu Piu Documentary Promo Album


This documentary about the Montreal beat scene will be released this summer. In the meantime, here’s the promo album.

More infos soon…


Well, it’s finally time to tell you about a project we’ve been involved in for a couple months now. We are helping put together a documentary on the on the very inspiring beat scene we have in Montreal these days. It’s called “PIU PIU: Exploring the Montreal Beat Scene” A project led by two MIMS collaborators: Philippe Sawicki andAisha Vertus but done with the collaboration of a lot of people in the Montreal music scene, people like Sevdee, Scott C, Poirier, Maxime Robin, the Alaiz crew to name a few.

It’s a short documentary that will take a look at some of the key players in the Montreal scene. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to feature absolutely everyone but I guess that will be for Volume 2. We don’t have the pretention of being able to tell the whole story, we simply want to provide a snapshot of a scene we all love! The launch of the project will be on June 8th as we combine forces with the good folks at ARTBEAT MONTREAL to do a big throwdown with over 10 live performances and a very special guest! Our good friend ONRA! (Event link)

So… until then, we have the perfect treat for you. A free compilation featuring 16 tracks of mostly unreleased tracks from Kenlo, Kaytradamus, Maxime Robin, Dr. MaD, and so on…

Turnsteak feat. Ira Lee – Kids want to fuck + Remixes [FREE DOWNLOAD]


ITD music presents the first track from Turnsteak’s upcoming EP project “DRIFTING AWAY”, which is to be released on February 17th (vinyl & digital).

“Kids want to fuck” feat. Ira Lee

The release includes two remixes from GESTE (Equinox Records & Fin de Siècle) and Pierre The Motionless (Simili Crew).

TURNSTEAK / IRA LEE -Kids Want To Fuck by turnsteak

[Free Download] – MEMORECKS – Downtime LP (2011)

Memorecks : Toronto based beatmaker and drumpad performer you might already have seen doing this

… inside…

… outside…


He recentely released Downtime, a 19 tracks instrumental album Downtime, which is available for free download on his website. 



07 Memorecks – Nintendoe


1. PHATBACK 2:08
3. TEXTURE 3:01
4. THIRSTY 2:03
5. BEDDY TEAR 2:58
6. NECK SNAP 2:15
10 KICK ME 2:46
11. LESS DRUGS 1:45
12. NO ESSAY 2:13
13. EMPEESEE 2:29
14. CHERYL 1: 22
15. EMULATION 3:02
16. CLEAN ME 3:27
17. HADRON 2:07
19. DEEPEST 2:59

« Memorecks once led a small team of explorers on a journey across arctic russia to retrieve a lost kitten. The kitten was dead, but Memorecks is from Toronto and graduated from Fanshawe College for engineering/production. He is currently working at a music store selling fruity loops, while putting in work as Head of Production for Bankrush ent. He is known to have the odd crispy youtube video and is a self proclaimed astronaut on the MPC. On the series of tubes, you can find him at these locations…

Memorecks YouTube Channel

Memorecks on Soundcloud

Memorecks Twitterface

Memorecks on Facecbook« 


Mizukage Records Compilation vol.06 [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Mizukage Records Compilation vol.06

Click on the picture to download the free release, or visit Mizukage Records @ http://www.mzkg.net/mzkg015.html

Excerpt :

Himuro Yoshiteru – Bird’s Eye View

Tracklist :

1. mooka Sane Masayuki
2. sparrow fraqsea
3. Green Breeze atnr
4. Variaciones sobre un tema de Mozart Op. 9 
Otaka Jackey

(Compose : Fernando Sor
Guitar : Otaka Jackey)
5. Bleep of Blue Sky hajimeinoue
6. RONDO HANIHO KYUDEN(tominaga & aiko)
7. trojans yoshihisa nagao
8. December 19th Morning Dew
9. Garden tsunenori
10. sunagimo Paina
11. juno 6 improvisation 018 Waki
12. Bird’s Eye View Himuro Yoshiteru
13. Unfinished Sheep Oxyfog
14. Bard Fugenn & The White Elephants
15. Pannotia Go-qualia
16. Aruhino Inclia Shintaro Aoki
17. Kokoroni Utaga Todoitara -Vocal- (ver09282011)Shintaro Aoki
Vocal by Naomile,2008
18. Aozorano Uta(Live 08062011) Shintaro Aoki