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While forging his debut album, « Dichotomy« , Spark was engulfed on a dual sided inner war. It was analog against digital, man versus machine. A truly bipolar body of work, courtesy of an obsessive compulsive maestro.

This time around, Spark threw all cares to the solar wind. And an ever shape-shifting record emerged.

May your sound system salivate, as Monster Jinx prides itself on presenting you Spark’s new multidirectional, layer-stacked, omnipolar, mutating EP. This one is called « Ramble ».

And how does it sound? Picture a bunch of purple-hazed werewolves laced with sound-crayons, drawing freely on musical sheets. That’s pretty much how it sounds.

Spark – Dichotomy : You’ve been unlogged!

Today’s Unlog feature comes from Portugal, press play to discover the young producer Spark’s new release, available here for « name your price » download. It’s been playing in my headphones twice before posting, and i think it still will for a while to get all the richness of it.

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Now you’ve pressed play, read a little bit more :

Spark is half hominid, half machinery. Half 12″, half Serato. Half synthesizer, half drum kit. Completely Dj, completely producer.

« Dichotomy » results from the collision of two different albums that Spark produced, one in his laptop, another conducting a symphonic orchestra, in a particle accelerator provided by the label head Jinx.

Spark has forbidden us of giving his album a specific music genre, but many of Monster Jinx’s artists suggested « Sparkstepnbasshop » as a proper definition. Or « Locksmiths Hop ». « Truckwithbladesandjetpropulsorsstep » also proved popular, as did « Space Sparkunk ».

The famous villain Two-Face already confessed to be a fan.

Warning: we strongly discourage people diagnosed with bipolar disorder from listening to « Dichotomy ».

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As always, free download with the option of payment (amount undefined – 0 (zero) works)