Ten Million Sounds – Finding Time

« Finding Time » is the second compilation album from Ten Million Sounds. Designed for the most peaceful hours of the day, these thirteen tracks will take you from late night into the early morning sunrise, connecting atmospheric beats with a love for our natural environment. This collection features staples of the instrumental hip-hop community who share […]

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Stereotree – 5 Years

Happy fifth birthday to this french label who release this great compilation with Fulgeance, Walter Mecca, Tayreeb, Everydayz, rookies like The Waters, the beatmaker jeune Karn or Sirkri, Myth Syzer, Vect, Mister Bibal, K?m.f., the Belgian Noza and YoggyOne..Enjoy

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Mizukage Records Compilation vol.06 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

[FREE DOWNLOAD RELEASE] Mizukage Records Compilation vol.06 Click on the picture to download the free release, or visit Mizukage Records @ http://www.mzkg.net/mzkg015.html Excerpt : Himuro Yoshiteru – Bird’s Eye View Tracklist : 1. mooka Sane Masayuki 2. sparrow fraqsea 3. Green Breeze atnr 4. Variaciones sobre un tema de Mozart Op. 9  Otaka Jackey (Compose : Fernando Sor Guitar : Otaka Jackey) […]

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