Unlog – A tribute to Ravi Shankar [Free download beat tape]

ravi def

Cette compilation, disponible en téléchargement libre chez Unlog, est l’hommage rendu par 12 beatmakers de différents bords à l’univers de Ravi Shankar, célèbre compositeur indien et inspiration incontournable décédé en décembre dernier. Merci à tous ceux qui ont pris part, de près ou de loin, à ce projet au cours des deux derniers mois.


This compilation, available for free download, is the tribute paid by 12 eclectic beatmakers to the world of Ravi Shankar, famous Indian composer who died last December. Thanks to everyone who took part to this project over the last two months.


• Cover: Julien Charbonneau

• Mastering: Axel Hélie Fontaine.


01 – FelPrezidente – Hari Om 02:33
02 – L.Boy Jr – Goodnight Daddi Shankar 02:22
03 – M. Robin – Voice Over 03:15
04 – R33 Soundmakin – Radio Jaipur 04:05
05 – W – Awaa 03:00
06 – Skribe – Le refuge 04:08
07 – Archibald Singleton – Shankar’s sun path 03:26
08 – Hark – Nada Brahma 03:31
09 – Misty LD – Citharegang 03:41
10 – Famelik – Minor Offense 02:50
11 – Tehu – As found 03:39
12 – Engone Endong – Morning Bloom 02:36

VNDL – Something for Someone EP out on Abstrakt Reflections

Among all the talented podcasters we’ve been honored to welcome in our Unlog Podcasts’ series in 2011, VNDL was the IDM guy to follow. This Canada based DJ and producer provided us a selection of is works in the Unlog Podcast #4, among which we could already hear some tracks meant to be released some months later in an EP project called Something for Someone.

« […] This EP will be a subtle melting between organic and cinematic substances, ambient and rythmic tracks, all in a futuristic mood. »

The Argentinian label Abstrakt Reflections now counts a new promising music maker among its artists with this new release.

« Phlilippe Vandal is a young man from Canada. Phil has already signed 2 full-length albums on such competent labels as Hymen Records and Raumklang Music. However, VNDLpresents his first EP album on Abstrakt Reflections.

In his debut release, VNDL shows all the shining facets of his unique and organic style. Using live instruments as well as all range of electronic devices, Phil constructs the changing, mysterious sonic world. Textured soundscapes, generated of multitude of layers of sounds, segue to long awaited granular and massive beat parts. The musician uses all the hooks of glitch and IDM scene, combining them in a very improvising manner, originating his own, unique style of electronica. The reality, constructed by VNDL, takes you away to the world of futuristic vehicles, cybernetic cities and unknown environment. The details of the sound are so numerous and so vital, that you will probably go deep enough through the stories this music tells. Like the authentic artist, VNDL uses all the impressions of the last year of his life to make the album sound with deep emotional supply.

The long awaited EP « Something for Someone » also contains a split work with Access to Arasaka, whom VNDL calls his biggest inspiration. »

More on : http://www.abstraktreflections.net/releases/vndl-something-for-someone/

Alaclair Ensemble – Un PIOU PIOU parmi tant d’autres

Alaclair est une troupe de postrigodon bas-canadienne zigzaguant entre Quoibec et Mourial.
Moyennée par les gradués du Alaclair High, sa fin est le brizassage de fizzoules.
Alaclair Ensemble, c’est pour les enfants.

Alaclair Ensemble

UNLOg Podcast #4 – VNDL

Unlog podcast #4 - VNDL

Following last month podcast from Portugal, let’s now introduce the young Montreal- based DJ – IDM producer who’s behind our 4th edition of the Unlog Podcasts (Click here to view them all). VNDL is Philippe Vandal, 21 years old, from Montreal, Canada. Philippe started producing electronic music in October 2009. Inspired by the whole Hymen Records and even Abstrakt Reflections, he is surrounded by his own inspirations. Access to Arasaka, Amon Tobin, Gridlock, Apparent Symmetry, HECQ, just to name a few…

))) What’s musically to expect by the next 6 months?

– An EP called Something for Someone out on Abstrakt Reflections (label from Argentina) by the end of July, I hope! This EP will be a subtle melting between organic and cinematic substances, ambient and rythmic tracks, all in a futuristic mood. By then, Abstrakt Reflections‘s next compilation will also include a track I’ve made and should be available around the end of June

– Some remixes planned on Raumklang Music (Germany)

– A LP to be released on the incredible german label Hymen Records.

– If you’re around Montreal by July 20th, come by the Belmont for a special homebrew set by VNDL @ Bass Drive

))) What’s your top 5 ?

Triangle, hexagon, cube, sphere, cylinder

))) What is the most disturbing thing you’ve seen/heard this week?

Laughing drunk while staring at my two bleeding knees after longboard vs trashbin incident. VNDL : 1 – Trashbin : 0

TIME FOR THE UNLOG PODCAST #4! Press play and check the download link below, as usual :


Tracklist : 

VNDL & Meat Parade – … [Forthcoming on Hymen Records]
VNDL & Viola Ferrando – … [Forthcoming on Hymen Records]
Exosphere – Mind Reflection (VNDL Remix) [Forthcoming on Raumklang Music]
VNDL – Don’t Forget the Machine (Part 2) [Forthcoming on Abstrakt Reflections]
VNDL – When it Rains [Forthcoming on Abstrakt Reflections]
VNDL – Something for Someone [Forthcoming on Abstrakt Reflections]
VNDL – … [Forthcoming on Provokation Record]
VNDL – Don’t Forget the Machine (Part 1) [Forthcoming on Abstrakt Reflections]


VNDL Facebook Group : http://www.facebook.com/pvndl

VNDL Soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/philippevndl

UNLOG PARTY MTL #1 // June 30th // Famelik – DJ Noyl – Construct – Gloo

For the first time in Montreal, Unlog leaves the interwebs to spread Epic Waveforms in a live DJ event.

> June 30th (Thursday, next day is a day off)

> Bar L’Alizé – 900 Rue Ontario Est, Montréal


㊀ GLOO ㊀
㊀ C-MOS ㊀

◊ 5$ at the door


㊀ GLOO [FR – MTL] ㊀ 


> NOTE : You may have had the occasion to catch up this french Montréal based DJ, essentially for his latest amazing DnB sets @ Deep Jam Tuesdays [Djewel’s weekly at The Saphir Bar, MTL]. If you missed that, well here’s another occasion to make friends with an enthusiasthic and authentic referenced selecta work when he takes over the decks. An unexpected and accurate digging,

> BIO : Coming soon

[JaimeLeDubstep.com, Wickedbad.net, Dub Cartel Records, Dubstep.FM, Jungletrain.net]


> NOTE : Is it worth reading Construct’s bio to know what to expect? … Mmmm.. Definately.

> BIO : Construct works too much and must perform on stage to survive. It may sound crazy but this guy keeps really busy. Founder of international podcast & blog, J’aime Le Dubstep, Construct has been pushing bass in every way possible. Starting in Halifax 5 years ago as a DnB/Breaks promoter, he discovered Dubstep and propelled himself to the air waves of CKDU.ca 88.1FM for a 2 year stint before making moves to Montreal. Jumping on board with Vilify at Bass Drive Wednesdays and running two weekly radio shows at Sub.FM & Jungletrain.net, it wasn’t long before Constuct had rinsed all the biggest clubs Montreal. Performing on stage with acts such as Benga, Skream, Rusko, Goldie, Bassnectar, Chrispy, Borgore, and many more. His intense energy on stage is felt by everyone as he tears through crates of exclusive bone shaking Dubstep/Bass Music or mind shattering Riddims & Amens; all while jumping, kicking & screaming at the helms of the mixer.

Construct is a definitive source of cutting edge Bass Music that pleases the heads to the haters every time he blows up a party. Catch him Live on Air every Tuesday night on Dubstep.FM – 8pm EST / 5pm PST / 1am UK. This summer at Evolve Festival and Sunseekers Ballroom.

Joe Nice : “Construct has TUNES. Watch out Halifax!”

Construct has shared the stage with:
Skream, Benga, Rusko, Bassnectar, Goldie, Starkey, Bar9, Borgore, Emalkay, Datsik, Excision, Nero (x2), LA Riots, DJ Lord, 6 Blocc (x2), 0=0, RSD, DZ (x3), Poirier (x2), XI, Doorly (x2), Chrispy, Roksonix, Sixteen Arm Jack, C64, High Rankin, Joe Nice (x2), Downlink, Vaski (x2), Le Belge Electrod, Bare Noize, Cookie Monsta, 12th Planet, Total Recall, Claw, Zeds Dead, Mark Instinct (x2), Capital J, Freaky Flow, Dieselboy (x2), iLL.Gates (x4), Luke Envoy, and so forth.

Dubstep.FM – Tuesdays 8-10:30pm EST / 1-3:30am UK

㊂ DJ NOYL [FR – MTL] ㊂


> NOTE : When he’s not actually mixing, he may be scratching over Famelik’s tunes, and even ping-pong with Famelik.

> BIO : Originaire du hiphop et du turntablism ou il a pu faire ses armes avec les plus grands champions DMC ou encore les birdy nam nam, Noyl s’est tourné vers le breakbeat et le dubstep ou il a la particularité d’utiliser ses talents de scratcheur en insérant des routines scratch et beatjuggling dans ses sets et mixtapes.
Maintenant basé à Montréal, il a partagé l’affiche avec dirtyphonics, nero ou encore rusko.

NOYL opte de plus pour un moyen de diffusion totalement gratuit, vous pourrez télécharger
sa mixtape « riotstarter » et ses autres mix sur son myspace.

Originating from hiphop and turntablism where he perfected his art among the greatest DMC champions or the birdy nam nam, NOYL turned to breakbeat and dubstep where he use his talents of scatcher to insert scratch and beatjuggling routines in his sets ans mixtapes.
Presently based in Montreal, he shared the stage with dirtyphonics, nero and even rusko.

NOYL has opted for a free broadcasting, you may therefore download his dubstep mix tape ‘’riotstarter’’ and his other mixes on his myspace page.

> MORE? : http://www.djnoyl.com/


> STYLE : … You mean genre?

> NOTE : When not glitching his own mix, he might be mashing up DJ Noyl’s tracks, maybe even ping pong with him.

> BIO :
— Part of the Unlog team, what else?
— wonky-bassmusic-glitch-whateverstepcore.
— http://www.famelik.com/


◊ A few words about Unlog, for those who’re just joining : This electronic music oriented blog is the results of a collaboration between a team of music nerds, djs, producers, live performers, selecta, based either in Canada, France and Belgium.
Among a selection of the finest waveforms, free download web digging, and many extra reviews, we host monthly podcasts in which meet different flavours coming from bass music, electronica, wonky music, future beats, and more… Watch out, next podcast to come is provided to you by VNDL (Montréal)!

1st June 2011 // Exodos Online movie screening on Fyutchaflex TV

FYUTCHAFLEX TV : Fyutchaflex Records, a polymorphic and multimedia Future Garage Label’s new webTV project

« FYUTCHAFLEX TV is an online TV channel focusing on old school and contemporary UK Garage. Interviews, tutorials, music videos and much more. We occasionally hold screenings to showcase movies from the best independent filmmakers. »


EXODOS : Retsina-Film independent movie – produced in cooperation with Sender Freies Neukölln (2011 Germany), nominated for the Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival

« Exodos tells the story of Boris Eichenbaum and a handful of people looking for answers and « exit doors » – it is the story of people who had enough of the current social and economic context. »

Full informations and credits about the movie : http://www.exodos.cc/



Presented on Fyutchaflex tv with the kind permission of Retsina-Film Berlin-Neukoelln.

Date: 1st of June 2011
Time: from 10:00pm, Tokyo-Osaka-Hokkaido time.
Price: FREE. However, if you liked the movie, I encourage you to give a donation (any amount will do) to the producers so they can keep making more movies.


FYUTCHAFLEX BLOG : www.fyutchaflex.blogspot.com.

FYUTCHAFLEX TV : http://fyutchaflex.ca/Fyutchaflextv/Fyutchaflexplayer.html

EXODOS MOVIE : http://www.exodos.cc/

FACEBOOK EVENT : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=151530668250159