Rubber beats vol. IV – Caoutchou Records

rubberbeats caoutchou

 »Once again we’ve gathered 20 artists from around the globe for our yearly Rubber Beats compilation! The result is an eclectic assembly of challenging music with an edge: from skweee, trap, juke and glitch-hop to jazz, indie and electronica. »

Artwork by Fbs

Raw AAA – Raw Records


This is the second compilation of the Montreal Label managed by Thomas White. 13 free tracks from Paveun, Principal Dean, Shake It Maschine, Thomas White, Dear Lola, Kaw, Noms, P-80, Seapoint, Mike G, Jurassic FightClub, J.u.D. and Mala Noche.


Elaquent – Believing

elaquent believing

Whether it is on purpose or coincidence, Elaquent is a beatsmith who creates juicy beats that upholds his own producing name. A lot of his lacings are hip-hop and soul oriented, but you should know by now that any claimed influence these days can be misleading. Elaquent’s latest album, Believing, showcases his musical ability to adapt and evolve his game. Yes, there are clear signs of hip-hop and soul interspersed within the album, though the organic style he has injected into the album overshadows any doubts of it being yet another mundane, album. You’ll stumble across unorthodox yet progressive beats, an eclectic collection of effects, and a modest use of looped vocals. This downtempo-esque album also provides a wide range of moods and tone, all the while keeping your mind at bay. Mystique, yet familiar. Blunt, yet majestic.

M. Robin – Productivity Beattape Volume C&D


You’ve maybe listened one of his tracks on our latest beattape tribute to ravi shankar. The beatmaker from Montreal Maxime Robin strikes again with the second edition of his productivity beattape.

The first volume of the productivity beatape is still avalaible on his bandcamp.