Unlog – A tribute to Ravi Shankar [Free download beat tape]

ravi def

Cette compilation, disponible en téléchargement libre chez Unlog, est l’hommage rendu par 12 beatmakers de différents bords à l’univers de Ravi Shankar, célèbre compositeur indien et inspiration incontournable décédé en décembre dernier. Merci à tous ceux qui ont pris part, de près ou de loin, à ce projet au cours des deux derniers mois.


This compilation, available for free download, is the tribute paid by 12 eclectic beatmakers to the world of Ravi Shankar, famous Indian composer who died last December. Thanks to everyone who took part to this project over the last two months.


• Cover: Julien Charbonneau

• Mastering: Axel Hélie Fontaine.


01 – FelPrezidente – Hari Om 02:33
02 – L.Boy Jr – Goodnight Daddi Shankar 02:22
03 – M. Robin – Voice Over 03:15
04 – R33 Soundmakin – Radio Jaipur 04:05
05 – W – Awaa 03:00
06 – Skribe – Le refuge 04:08
07 – Archibald Singleton – Shankar’s sun path 03:26
08 – Hark – Nada Brahma 03:31
09 – Misty LD – Citharegang 03:41
10 – Famelik – Minor Offense 02:50
11 – Tehu – As found 03:39
12 – Engone Endong – Morning Bloom 02:36

Elkollection #2 [BLKE#010] – Free Download wav/mp3

Remember Elkollection #1?

Elkollection #2 [BLKE#010] is now out on the french label Blackelk Recordings

This 11 tracks compilation gathers the latest works of some of the label’s artists :

[Famelik, Jean du Voyage, Duff Ill, MLp, Killacam, Cheikh Mehdi, UM Le Villain, Hentitan, Dajaz, Le Med, Nolive.]



Endong Engone – Colored Dust (DL) + SATG podcast

Engone – Live on CJLO radio – Oct 29th

Some of you crate diggers around here might already have checked the Stroll around the groove radio show. If not, just know that a part of the Unlog team is also part of that project, a radio show hosted on CJLO (Montréal) every monday night.Stroll and Unlog are cousins, in a way, Stroll being the old school cousin, focused on rare grooves in all its forms.Last show led us to know a bit more about our two Montreal based guests, Sugarface Nene (Beat the world) and beatmaker Endong Engone, as you can hear in our latest podcast (french speaking, but not that hard to handle).

What leads us the point to that article, a.k.a. a free download release from Endong Engone, soon to be followed by new material in some weeks. We’ll repost about it soon.

Enjoy 🙂

SATG  : http://www.cjlo.com/onair/stroll-around-groove

ENDONG ENGONE : http://endong.bandcamp.com

BEAT THE WORLD : http://www.cjlo.com/onair/beat-world

PS : What about a new Unlog event?

Today’s pick : VNDL & R33 Soundmakin’

Unlike yesterday, today’s pick will feature two artists who strive in two different layers in this musical mesh. Yet, both of them appear on our Unlog Complex #01 project, which (nuff said) is still available for free download. Let’s start with…

VNDL – Gahrena : Paysages électriques (Hymen Recordings)

VNDL is familiar with our readers, through the podcast he’s provided some months ago and the track Mille fragments we’ve released with Blackelk Recordings. His work is something I really want to push not only because of the common approach of sound we share, but also because he’s a really prolific artist and whose sounds clearly evolves between each and every project he works on. We don’t want you to miss the chance to witness that.

So expect to deal with sound textures here. Remember that while music tastes can differ in many points between two people, we’re all sensitive to sound textures. It’s just a matter of context.

I like writing. I should do it more often. But sometimes, the description provided with a release fits way more when you want to describe it to someone else. It’s not always the case (and maybe a worst 10 album descriptions would be a funny game), but it’s the choice I’m gonna make now.

‘gahrena’ envisages a deeper exploration of virtual reality by using highly processed electric guitars as well as manipulated field recordings and a wide range of electronic devices. the sound on this album can be described as abstract electronica with a deep organic feel, where vndl’s inspiration and sonic research fuse with the amendatory work of nebulo, offthesky, pleq and c0ma.

vndl constructs a changing, mysterious sonic world recreated from aural landscapes already in existence. a gripping release taking you away to as-yet unknown environments – attentive listening required.

gahrena: paysages électriques cover art

R33 Soundmakin’

Different topic now.

This broken beat / groove / hip hop oriented producer was unknown to me some months ago, until I discovered his project Klendatü on Bandcamp, thanks to a guy who’s used to stroll around the groove. Here it is.

If your question is « is it a free download », the answer is yes, and I’m even going to put tags on this article so everyone knows where those fresh beats are available.

Since then, we got in touch to invite him to join our beat tape project, and his track Octobre finally ended in the release. We’ve been discussing a lot on the final sound he wanted to have on his final, especially on his kick drums.

Despite my very selective (and boring) views on hip nop beats, this conversation made me understand the importance human groove takes in his abstract beats, which is confirmed by his latest release, a collaboration with MelodiQ.

Brace yourself, those two tracks got vibes!

Melodiq by R33 cover art


Lately, the Unlog / Blackelk Recordings teams have been really busy working on this common release, which includes the work of different artists from all around the globe. After some fine tuning, today is the day : it’s finally out! Click, enjoy and share!

Big thanks to all those who have been supporting this project from the beginning. If you’re new here, welcome.


Due to download limits, to get the album, go on the label website:


• mp3 (320 kbps):

• alternative link

association between Unlog and French emergent label Blackelk Recordings. DJs, turntablists, producers, diggers, and music enthusiastic above all, UNLOG SELECTED EXCLUSIVE AND PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED material from 19 producers who hail  from different parts of the globe and show a wide panel of styles and moods.

Tracklist :

Grillo – Ella Ella (IT)

Aquel – Reminisce (JP)

Dajaz – Addic777ion (FR)

Jean du Voyage – Low Sill (FR)

R33 – Octobre (FR)

Mart-One – Bazi to Sun (FR)

Digi G’alessio – ESX1 routine (IT)

UM – Charly (FR)

Math Rosen -IMMRTL (CA)

Zeke Ugle – Get Lost (AUS)

Mlp – Tampax (FR)

Le Jad – L’Oligarchie (FR)

Audace – After Midnight (JP)

Noza – Naghtva Ugel (BE)

Supachip – Ghost Ride (US)

Mussck – The Gift of Eternity (UK)

Lapse – I Redshift (US)

VNDL – Mille Fragments (CA)

Archibald Singleton – Deadly Sandflies (CA)

[UNLOg x Sur Le Beat] Podcast #9 by Archibald Singleton

This month, and after a long wait, Unlog teams up with Sur Le Beat (CA)  for a cross podcast!

Sur Le Beat is a Montreal based french speaking blog created by Archibald Singleton and Sylv9st9r, that also focuses on pushing that weird music pattern that keeps your head nodding.

For this cross podcast project, we’re pleased to have Archibald Singleton, also of the duo project The Gulf Stream  (Daly City Recordings, Archipel) as our guest podcaster for this 9th edition. This 9th podcast (tracklist and download below) Meanwhile, Sur le Beat is simultaneously releasing an Unlog made podcast. Who? More details here : 


Short Q&A with Archibald :

)) Who are you?

 Jerome Guilleaume also known as Archibald Singleton in some fields. I play with sound.

)) What’s musically to expect by the next 6 months?

 We are releasing our second EP with my main project, The Gulf Stream, on May 17th. We are pretty happy to release this at last. We are also working on a Audio-visual project with VJ Ma », called Trajectoires, the teaser can be seen here:http://vimeo.com/32179659 . There are more details on our facebook page, with dates etc.
I’m also writing the music for a theater piece that will play next may, at SAT (Montréal) and simultaneously in Geneva, Switzerland. A really interesting project involving live video and music.

))) What’s your current top 5 ?

Kilowatts – Nocturnal Sunrise
Ichiro_ – Nerima Atsui Shinu
Modeselektor – Berlin
Himuro Yoshiteru – Inryoku
Raj Mahal’s mixtape, Jar

))) What is the most disturbing thing you’ve seen/heard this week?

 I’m hardly bothered by disturbing things but I won’t lie, I wasn’t able to finish that video about that new Crocodile drug, you are basically roting alive.

))) Joker?

 It might sound geek but I can’t wait for the second season of Game of Thrones. The first one was a gem,


Nouveau Palais – Drama (Famelik remix RMSTR) – Unreleaded
JmeJ – Funktasticular – Unreleased
Who cares – Show Me Some Change (Knight Rider remix) – Teenage Ego Trip Remixes
E40 – The Server (MC2 remix) – Internet Release
Sebatian – Head-off – Ross Ross Ross
Machine Drum &Melo X – Let it (acapella) – Let It EP
Nasty Ways – Pass Me The Lazer Beam – Internet release
Robot Koch – Devil Drums (Alex B remix) – Friends of Friends Vol.3
B&K – En faux – Unreleased
Xzibit – Paparazzi (acapella)
Wiley – 100% Publishing – Boom Boom Da Na (acapella)
Leathal Bizzle – Pow 2011 (Taal Mala remix) – Unreleased
Wiley – 100% Publishing – One Hit Wonder Instrumental
Alaclair Ensemble – Moulin Bin Sec – Dans l’South du Bas (acapella)

Download Unlog Podcast #9

Feel free to share it around you, and make sure you also check the other side of this podcast, available on SUR LE BEAT.

>>> http://www.miatches.com/surlebeat/2012/03/podcast-012/





[Unlog Selection] 5 Free Downloads to start 2012

Happy new year to all our readers. 2011 complete, let’s start this new year with a selection of 5 free downloads to feed your ears. Here we go!


For this fourth compilation, Mad Hop gathers artists such as kidkanevil, Pixelord, Mussck, Ichiro, 813, YoggyOne and many more.

« At the end of the first year on our own, Mad-Hop is proud to present our forth compilation with the release date set for the end of December! For this edition, we joined forces with all our favorite labels that set the standard in the futuristic sounds we love so much. We feel that supporting them is as important as supporting the beatmakers and producers we have mentioned so far.
For this edition only, we also joined forces with graffiti artists from Poland and Slovenia. Their work will soon be displayed on our webpage so stay tuned! »

Check also : Mad Hop  vol.1,  vol.2 & vol.3


2) SWEATSON KLANK – Falling into infinity

« Last year , DUBLAB.COM invited a diverse spectrum of music makers from around the world to contribute 8-second loops with any ambience, rhythm, tonality or texture they desired. This song was created using the exhibition’s original 8-second audio loops as their sole sound sources. No extra samples, instruments, vocals or sound sources were used in the creation of these songs. Just like the original audio loops included in the exhibition these remixes are offered to the public under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial Copyright License. This means that you are free to legally download, share, and re-re-re-re-remix these songs for noncommercial purposes. There are more remixes posted here:http://tinyurl.com/7y82uq6« 

[DOWNLOAD SWEATSON KLANK – Falling into infinity]

3) Resolved Dissonance – When it rains EP

Some chill hip hop instrumentals available for free download in this second EP by the Ontario based producer Resolved Dissonance.

[DOWNLOAD Resolved Dissonance – When it rains EP]



5) “…at least” – The Final Compilation of ElectroSound Netlabel (selected tunes 2005–2011)


feat. 2H Company, 5-40am, 30[eks], Abstract Motion, Ainm, Ambidextrous, Astrowind, Au7um, Bezmenia, Blondin, BTB, CD-R, CellarDoor, Dunaewsky 69, Dyad, Elena Nikitaeva, EU, Fizzarum, Galya Chikiss, htrspltn, K.D. Expression, Katya Chehova, Koalips, Legobyte, Livelectro, Maguett, Maina, mb-ent, Milinal, Mirushum, Modul, Monokle, Morkva, moroza_knozova, Nikita Golyshev, Nitro, Normaa, NoThanx, Novel 23, Pavel Pronskiy, PLEE!, Polina Voronova, Prince Monaco, Reii, Re:mote, Re’sequence, Siba, Sleepy Town Manufacture, SM, Taiga, Test Pressing, The Kirbi, Tonearm, Tulo, I/Dex, Uniquetunes, Unkind, Valkir, Yellow Blue Bus, Zolotu

[DOWNLOAD 50 TRACKS (574mb, 4h4m47s, 320kbps mp3)]

Unlog Podcast #7 – C r a s h

Bass from Belgium this time, with C r a s h!


In only two year, this young dj from Liège as already 10 years of practice and as played almost everywhere in Belgium (Dour Festival, Ardentes, Fuse, Dub-Timus, Cartel, Skins Party, Pure FM,…) with the biggest international artists (Koan Sound, Foreign Beggars, Diesel, Culprate, Doctor P, Skrillex, Cookie Monsta, Trolley Snatcha, Bare Noize, Dirtyphonics, Tomba, Roksonix, Culprate, Dubsidia, Chrispy, Jamie XX, Delta Heavy, Camo & Krooked, Eptic, Devnik, Jogo … ).
His rough style that never concedes enchants the Belgian Dubstep audience. One you’d better focus on!

)) What’s musically to expect by the next 6 months?

First : I want to grow up this new project of Crash and I want to try to push this style (Glitch/IDM) in our parties. I think the public is ready to enjoy this style here in Liège.

Second : I want to produce tracks in this style.

Third : I want to keep working extensively on the project MisterCrash (Dubstep)

)) What’s your current top 5 ?

Koan Sound
Tim Ismag

))) What is the most disturbing thing you’ve seen/heard this week?

We have a government agreement on the budgetary aspects!


SPL – Back At It (MisterCrash & Egonoise Remix)



Download Unlog Podcast #7


UNLOg Podcast #6 – Construct

This time, let’s go for a bassy round with a podcast provided by Construct (CA)

Based in Montreal, Founder of international podcast & blog, J’aime Le Dubstep, Construct has been pushing bass in every way possible. Starting in Halifax 5 years ago as a DnB/Breaks promoter, he discovered Dubstep and propelled himself to the air waves of CKDU.ca 88.1FM for a 2 year stint before making moves to Montreal. Jumping on board with Vilify at Bass Drive Wednesdays and running two weekly radio shows at Sub.FM & Jungletrain.net, it wasn’t long before Constuct had rinsed all the biggest clubs Montreal. Performing on stage with acts such as Benga, Skream, Rusko, Goldie, Bassnectar, Chrispy, Borgore, and many more. His intense energy on stage is felt by everyone as he tears through crates of exclusive bone shaking Dubstep/Bass Music or mind shattering Riddims & Amens; all while jumping, kicking & screaming at the helms of the mixer.

Construct is a definitive source of cutting edge Bass Music that pleases the heads to the haters every time he blows up a party. Catch him Live on Air every Tuesday night on Dubstep.FM – 8pm EST / 5pm PST / 1am UK. This summer at Evolve Festival and Sunseekers Ballroom.

))) What’s musically to expect by the next 6 months?

Recently I help launch a new website with some friends at Twerkit.net. Wally, Hesk, Paveun & I will be writing about Juke, UK Funky, and whatever else gets us moving. We’ll be launching a podcast mix series similar to JaimeLeDubstep.com, and hosting events in Montreal. Other then that, we keep working on JLD and I hope that soon enough I’ll finally get down to producing some beats.

))) What’s your current top 5 ?
Wow, that’s a hard question because every week my answer could be drastically different. I couldn’t pick tracks so I’ll go for producers. So here goes…

Wachs Lyrical

))) What is the most disturbing thing you’ve seen/heard this week?

Ehhhh, the amount of crack heads last thursday night standing outside the Berry Metro exit on St-Catherine street when going to the DJWEB.TV loft.


EASILY the MOST HORRIBLE thing i’ve seen online in a long time…. beating goes on for 7mins…






Drums of Death – Cold Lazarus (Starkey Remix)
Wheez-ie – Keep Yer Chin Up (Salva Remix)
Nguzunguzu – Mirage (Girl Unit Remix)
Foreing Beggars – What’s Good FT. Lazer Sword
Viers – Werk
Distal – Apple Bottom
Wachs Lyrical – What You Say
Salva – Policy
Quitter – Street Codes
Rustie – City Star
Halp – Leek (Doshy Remix)
Sduk – YouNyt
Gemmy – Too Far
Porkchop – Boogiemon
Naphta – Jungle Republic (Ramadanman Refix)
Bambounou – Alpha (Teeth Remix)
Distal – Coke Bottle
Krampfhaft – Grind
Chris Brown & Busta Rhymes – Look At Me Now (Monolithium Look At Busta Re-Up)
Notorious B.I.G. – Going Back To Cali (Eprom Edit)
DJ Rashad – Drop Juke Out
Wheez-ie – Whores
Dev79 – Get 2 Know (Slick Shoota Remix)
Roni Size – New Forms (Machinedrum Juke Edit)
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares ( Phillip D Kick Footwork Edit)
Vibes & Wishdokta – Sweetest Love (Machinedrum Juke Edit)
Krampfhaft – Perfect Grain Structure
Son of Kick – Playing The Villian (Machinedrum Remix)
Björk – Crystalline

Download Unlog Podcast #6