Today’s pick : VNDL & R33 Soundmakin’

Unlike yesterday, today’s pick will feature two artists who strive in two different layers in this musical mesh. Yet, both of them appear on our Unlog Complex #01 project, which (nuff said) is still available for free download. Let’s start with…

VNDL – Gahrena : Paysages électriques (Hymen Recordings)

VNDL is familiar with our readers, through the podcast he’s provided some months ago and the track Mille fragments we’ve released with Blackelk Recordings. His work is something I really want to push not only because of the common approach of sound we share, but also because he’s a really prolific artist and whose sounds clearly evolves between each and every project he works on. We don’t want you to miss the chance to witness that.

So expect to deal with sound textures here. Remember that while music tastes can differ in many points between two people, we’re all sensitive to sound textures. It’s just a matter of context.

I like writing. I should do it more often. But sometimes, the description provided with a release fits way more when you want to describe it to someone else. It’s not always the case (and maybe a worst 10 album descriptions would be a funny game), but it’s the choice I’m gonna make now.

‘gahrena’ envisages a deeper exploration of virtual reality by using highly processed electric guitars as well as manipulated field recordings and a wide range of electronic devices. the sound on this album can be described as abstract electronica with a deep organic feel, where vndl’s inspiration and sonic research fuse with the amendatory work of nebulo, offthesky, pleq and c0ma.

vndl constructs a changing, mysterious sonic world recreated from aural landscapes already in existence. a gripping release taking you away to as-yet unknown environments – attentive listening required.

gahrena: paysages électriques cover art

R33 Soundmakin’

Different topic now.

This broken beat / groove / hip hop oriented producer was unknown to me some months ago, until I discovered his project Klendatü on Bandcamp, thanks to a guy who’s used to stroll around the groove. Here it is.

If your question is « is it a free download », the answer is yes, and I’m even going to put tags on this article so everyone knows where those fresh beats are available.

Since then, we got in touch to invite him to join our beat tape project, and his track Octobre finally ended in the release. We’ve been discussing a lot on the final sound he wanted to have on his final, especially on his kick drums.

Despite my very selective (and boring) views on hip nop beats, this conversation made me understand the importance human groove takes in his abstract beats, which is confirmed by his latest release, a collaboration with MelodiQ.

Brace yourself, those two tracks got vibes!

Melodiq by R33 cover art

Shinect : A major update is coming + private beta version

[Read our article describing Shinect, the program dedicated to controlling music live using a Kinect device.]


[Visit the shinect website to know more]

Hi all!

I have some pretty exciting news for you: a new Shinect version is soon to be released : Shinect 0.48 !

Here is a list of the main new features:

– Shinect is no longer a console-based application! Just click on it to start it, as you would with any software, no console commands knowlege is required!
– Calibration is now about ten times faster (thanks to the new OpenNI version)
– Installation has been simplified
– Wiimote support with auto-detection (if no wiimotes are available, the pads settings return to a default kinect-based behavior)
– Layout page switching: you can ‘scroll’ between different layout pages with gestures
– New basic GUI: just right click on the Shinect view to select your setttings
– MIDI output is now a global parameter (no longer config file specific) and can be selected or changed via the new context menu
– You can now switch between config files dynamically (select your file using the new context menu)
– Added an option to keep the Shinect window on top of others apps
– Info and error messages are now displayed on top of the view

This version is currently in private beta phase, so if you’d like to help me by testing it, just contact me on twitter: ShiniKnobz

Math Rosen live session #2 : Acid Traps

Next video from Math Rosen‘s live jams : Acid Traps If you haven’t checked the first of the series, check Beast (1)

Acid Traps
Live Session
Recorded March 2012
Toronto, ON

Camera – Andre Rehal (

Looking forward to the next one? Stay tuned!


Big news from Belgium, with this new ipad app released developed by Herrmutt Lobby (if you’re into M4L, you also gotta check his BeatFader module) . The beta version is available on the Vlek website :


Developed by Herrmutt Lobby.

More info:

– Create swarms of MIDI objects that fit your most delirious setup dreams. Just drag&mod.
– Overlap objects on layers, create new organic systems that bring back a human feel to your performances.
– Each object can interact with your DAW and/or alter any other object’s behaviour, creating an infinity of combinations.
– In-app editing: switch between edit and play modes in a split second.

Build an instrument and play it, like a partition, in a 1000 different ways.
This video features 4 « operators »: the Line, the Circle, the Polygon and the Fader. Each of these operators allows you to build your own MIDI instruments from the ground up as if you were drawing them on the screen. The distribution of the objects and the trajectory of your fingers then help to reintroduce variety and a human feeling to your performance.

The Beatsurfing app is set to be released in Spring 2012.
Enroll for the Beta Test here:

This video shows Herrmutt Lobby playing with the new Beatsurfing app.
This video features an iPad2 running iOS 5 controlling an Ableton Live / Max For Live session.



Math Rosen live session #1 : Beast (1)

Let’s welcome Beast (1) first of a series of live session recorded by the Toronto based artist Math Rosen. For having the opportunity to play live on the same stage, I won’t teach you that his music kills it, you decide (but if you’re reading that right now, I’m pretty positive about seeing agreement in your eyes). But definitely, some artists clearly know what’s going on between their gear and what you’re hearing. Among them, some can control it, some are even doing pretty well and sometimes, even REALLY well.


Yeah, he’s that kind of guy… Check it out!

Beast (1)
Live Session
Recorded March 2012
Toronto, ON

Camera – Andre Rehal (

More to come from Matt really soon, stay tuned!

SHINECT.COM : Website open!

Some weeks ago, we’ve been posting here a video of a project called Shinect, a way to use the Kinect wireless technology (XBOX’s videogame controller based on motion capture) as a MIDI Control interface.

Today, the Shinect project launched its website, on which you can find all the downloads, informations or application of this amazing software!

Shinect, midi using Kinect

« Shinect is a Midi controller that uses Kinect. It’s written in C++ and runs on Windows (XP/Vista/7, 32 or 64bits).
It’s a simple standalone application that uses basic augmented reality with Kinect to send any Midi output messages to any Midi port, physical or virtual, so you can control any software or hardware gear. »

Time to test it now!

Get in touch on the contact section to contribute to the project

Make a donation and support the project

Shinect – Kinect as a MIDI Controller

Minority Report beatmaking? Well, it’s on the way. Shinect is one of the projects which will, in a close future, allow you to control music, at home or on stage, with your hands, arms, head, elbows, DOGS, BURRITOS, and EVEN THE ROBOT! (assuming you already have a robot at home, by the way, who doesn’t?)

Here’s a short demo Shini made with his early 0.3 version of Shinect (which has already evolved a lot), demo which will show you basically how his system works.

One last thing to remind you before leaving you to the excitement this video will bring in the air, and right now I know you’re already thinking about all the different ways you’ll be able to use it when you’ll finally get it :


Stay tuned!

*** Hermutt Lobby’s FaderDrumming ***

Back in the game loggerzzz!!

Today, attach your belt and be prepared to get inside a new world of beat production. Sir « Skwall », one of the magician from the HERRMUTT LOBBY belgian crew, did a particular demonstration of beatmaking using Max4live and a Hercules usb controller.

Basically, each way of a fader provides a sound, the velocity is ruled by speed. With few effects and oscillators added, you could reach some great results as those demos shows…

The patches are still on beta-version, but you can get the BEATFADER in here and here is the COUNTER LOBBY.

Here’s a classical myspace link:

enough bla bla, enjoy duuudes …


As Herrmutt noticed me, it’s not a sound by direction, but 8 by direction, that makes 16 more fun than I believed!!

Here’s a new demo with Mr Sweefer from Herrmutt Lobby beatfadering too. enjoy and keep cool, it’s only music!

[EDIT bis]

Sir Skwall provided a tutorial for the counter lobby. here it is:

Here is the tutorial about the counter 2.0

To make it easy, the trigers listen to QSDF keys on pc keyboard on the default octave can remap on your drumpad..

q – kik :3 kick + cym if you play a tom before
s – snare : first snare after a kick : snare next snares : claps and congas.
d – hihats : 2 series of 3 sounds according last drum was a snare or a kick.
f – tom :8 toms pitch decrement.

And here’re some new live joints from herrmutt, I can’t keep it secret…

Drumming and pads relationships

Since the beginning of the legendary MPC gears, it’s possible to pretend to drum without annoying all your neighbourhood and even chop and slice and destroy beautiful piece of music to make samples… fucking producers…

Anyway, some guys decided to make those controllers their main weapon to rippin it up!! I’m gonna purpose you some of my favourites pad drumming sessions. Some wacky, some fresh, some groovy, some freestyle, but the important stuff is to enjoy it!!

First is a french guy called « Fulgeance » playing live one of his song called « Glamoure » released on his Glamoure EP.

Second is a portuguese guy called « Dj Ovelha negra » AKA « Stereossauro ». That’s a unknown track that I hope it’ll get out one day… Just tasty as a portuguese « guitarra » (thx mr. Mute)

Next on the list is a guy called « Edison » playing with a special Arduinome made by himself in his old lunch-box. Not exactly the same stuff, but still heavy!!

Now, this is a french/vietnamian crew called « Tha Trickaz » who do live based on pas drummings with some scratchs and other stuffs added. There’re lots of videos, but i like that one, specially at 2:53, so groooooovy!!!

Here it is, one of the masters of pad drumming,  *** JEL *** -> feel all the groove he gives across his fingers… amazing

And now, one of my favourite ever, a drumming battle, everything is done live, it’s impressive of accuracy!!!

Now, that’s Famelik, the headmaster of this blog who recorded it for a battle on a french website dealing with turntablism. Visit it:

And finally, that one is particular cause it’s not exactly pad drumming, but i feel a huuuuge groove innit so, fuck it and let that guy doing his shit.

Hope you enjoyed my selection and cYa!!

If you have some videos, send us the link and we’ll be happy to post it!!