UNLOg Podcast #13 – Noyl x Famelik

Long time no see, how have you been? It’s time for a new podcast.



BLA : NOYL & FAMELIK. We’re part of the Unlog Family. What else? Good guys.



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Bluestaeb – Time traveller
Jopedo – Gorilla Groove
King knut – Stavanger
Alaclair ensemble – Capoté
Toastdawg – Love loop
Famelik – Crop triangle
SertOne – Vangelis Kush
Esta – Drkshdw
Mart One – Who are you (remix)
Dnte – Out of control
Insightful – Too too many souls
Ultroniks – Sacrifices
3LLL – Kilo
Pavel Dovgal – The drug
Lucid dream interlude
Famelik – Fata Morgana
Tomamura – Frozen
R33 Soundmakin’ – X / IDWT
Aoki Takamasa – rhythm variation 02
Andherpackage – e.l.p -bt
Clark – Skyward Bruise Descent
Ultroniks – Hippy camp
Loowood – Illusion
Everydayz – L’Absence Face B Part 1
Buffalo Daughter – Jellyfish blues
Jean du Voyage – Eclipse feat. Pierre Harmegnies

More on NOYL / FAMELIK :



UNLOg Podcast #12 – Engone Endong • Dimensions

Long time no see, how have you been? It’s time for a new podcast.





Engone also appears on our latest beat tape, tribute to Ravi Shankar, with the track Morning Bloom.


Download Unlog Podcast #12

1- Albior lude
2- HarpQuanta
3- Omega
4- Sous l’orage
5- Le Dominant
6- Ulquiora lude
7- Oh yeah!
8- Baybee
9- Dialectix
10- LuvLand
11- Blu
12- Agora lude
13- Maezinha
14- Seiya Lude
15- Indigo Seed
16- Medzimba (skit)
17- The Shrine Overture
18- Shinsō (GodSpear)


Engone Endong is a busy cat.

Just for this year, the Montreal based producer/beatmaker and Dj is working on 3 different projects, including his debut album that he relates himself as an « Off the Planet » journey.

In December 2012, he put online a free album, « Colored Dust (lite) », under the name of the fictive band, Atsie Sun Orchestra.
This project was a huge success and was downloaded more than 5000 times (Japan with 2000 downloads)!!!
He also composed the entire soundtrack of the virtual experience of the movie/documentary « Les Etats-Unis d’Afrique- United States of Africa » by Yanick Letourneau.

Engone describes his music as an experience, a fusion of cultures and traditions, a mix of genres that can’t be really defined without listening.
He also cites Sun Ra, Alice Coltrane, Fela Kuti and traditional teachings from all across Africa as inspirations.

He started his career under the mentorship of mythic Siya Po’ssi X in 2000 (pioneer of gabonese Hip-Hop) and since then he collaborated with numerous artists such as Elom 20ce (Togo), Waahli Yussef (Canada), Safari Black (USA)…

With Dj Sugarface Nene (Beat the World, Canicule Tropicale), they formed the duet Dj combo, Kelly+Engone, performing live the Essence of Traditional Music (Latin, African, Asian, etc…) with samplers, rare vynils and percussions.

This podcast is another journey in the colored universe of Engone Endong.
From japanese mangas (Saint Seiya, Bleach) to the Bwiti and Mvet music (Gabon), It opens another window and give an interesting perspective of things to come.

He sure is a busy cat.




Mr Freeze – Chilly sunday [Free DL mix]

Chilly sunday by MR FREEZE

Here’s the last mix I did by this over-lazy sunday. Just a few chillout / ambient beats mixed together in a one-shot recording.

MIXCLOUD PLAYER : http://www.mixcloud.com/MisterFreezy/mr-freeze-chilly-sunday/

DOWNLOAD LINK : http://www.mediafire.com/?lw7ym4w36br6l5o

Shlohmo – Couch (Soosh Remix);
Shlohmo – Crust (Jameszoo Remix);
Deft – Thought You Fancy It;
Thriftworks -Die Gracefully Ft. Dh The Mythicalifornian;
Richard Colvaen – Unreleased;
Insightful – Smoke;
Shlohmo – Anywhere But Here;
Dajaz – Stay;
Nosaj Thing – Voices
Jonwayne Feat. Quelle & Zeroh – Watching Me;
Noyce – Can’t Think;
Lomovolokno – Metamorphosis;
Lomovolokno – Fracture;
Slam Sounds – Slow Racing;

UNLOg Podcast #11 – Coco Bryce

COCO BRYCE (MYOR / Fremdtunes / Harmönia / Lowriders / Saturate Records)

Longer the wait, longer the podcast!

A. Einstein

Netherlands based DJ, producer and MYOR label owner, Coco Bryce delivers us a tasty and eclectic 1 hour long podcast, exploring different moods and vibes.

Our advice : Listen to the full podcast, you might find some gems here and there that will give you a preview of what many call « future ».


Download Unlog Podcast #11


More on Coco Bryce :


And some more music, while you’re here.

Endong Engone – Colored Dust (DL) + SATG podcast

Engone – Live on CJLO radio – Oct 29th

Some of you crate diggers around here might already have checked the Stroll around the groove radio show. If not, just know that a part of the Unlog team is also part of that project, a radio show hosted on CJLO (Montréal) every monday night.Stroll and Unlog are cousins, in a way, Stroll being the old school cousin, focused on rare grooves in all its forms.Last show led us to know a bit more about our two Montreal based guests, Sugarface Nene (Beat the world) and beatmaker Endong Engone, as you can hear in our latest podcast (french speaking, but not that hard to handle).

What leads us the point to that article, a.k.a. a free download release from Endong Engone, soon to be followed by new material in some weeks. We’ll repost about it soon.

Enjoy 🙂

SATG  : http://www.cjlo.com/onair/stroll-around-groove

ENDONG ENGONE : http://endong.bandcamp.com

BEAT THE WORLD : http://www.cjlo.com/onair/beat-world

PS : What about a new Unlog event?

UNLOg Podcast #10 – DJ Pound

September… Let’s start over

Summer’s not over with this podcast brought to you from San Diego by DJ Pound.

Here we have an original beat set recorded on August 2nd at the Critical Beatdown event, a future hip hop weekly hosted in San Diego by DJ Pound, eLan, Mike Gao, DJ Cleancut.

Let’s press play and invite you to discover DJ Pound’s previous releases on Saturate Records (Robot Whispers is incredible) and Kill Quanti, (Post-Haste 10″ coproduced with e-Lan),


Download Unlog Podcast #10




More on DJ Pound :




Want more?

7.10.12 – BOILER ROOM (LA)- w Houseshoes / eLan /mndsgn +more
8.11.12 – ELEV8 w HeRobust + more (SD)
9.19.12 – LOW END THEORY ( LA)

Stroll Around The Groove

STROLL AROUND THE GROOVE on CJLO (Lire en français plus bas)

CJLO : 1690 AM

Since we’ve been working hard lately on the Unlog Complex #1 beat tape project, this Unlog Cave section may have been a bit left out. Now is the time to revive it for all you crate diggers, introducing to you this Montreal based radio program dedicated to rare groove music. (the program is in french, but the vibe remains intact).

Between funk, jazz-funk, blues, soul, hip hop, bossa, early disco, reggae, scratch music and even more, Stroll Around The Groove deeply explores the magnificent world of groove music,  with selection tastes that will content the vibe seekers as well as the most demanding ears.

Here’s the team’s latest podcast (currently listening to an exclusive scratch routine by Fong Fong aka J-One), followed by the basic yet useful links that you’ll need to keep the vibe every week.

Light it, tune in, enjoy.

Playlist :

Artist Song Title
Mantronix Needle to the groove
Mantronix Bassline
Mantronix Scream
Mantronix Who is it
Mantronix Take your time
Dj Fongfong Scratch routine
Mr. Scruff Its dancing time
Black Star You allready knew
Jimmy Edgar Of the silent variety
Loco locass Mediatribe
The Wild Magnolias Smoke my peace pipe
Ramsey lewis Kufanya Mapenzi
Antonio Carlos et Jocafi Simbarere
Duncan Lamont Punch drunk
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennet Oddall
Frank Hooker et positive people Ooh suga wooga
Peter Tosh You cant blame the youth
Us3 and Joshua Redman The scream
Muzion Pas un jour sans une ligne
Rebirth Brass Band I like it like that
Soul messengers Do it till youre satisfied
Dave Barker and The Wailers Don’t let the sun catch your cryin’
The Catalyst Aint it the truth
Ryuichi Sakamoto Free trading
Kraftwerk Transeurope express
Air (Kino Remix0 Sexy boy
Jesse Rose (Jessie rose garage dub) Oi New york this is London
Jimmie Taylor Out of space



FR : Pourquoi faire un article en anglais sur une émission présentée en français? La réponse est contenue dans la question : l’émission est en français et on sait déjà que t’as pas attendu la fin de l’article pour balancer le beat et aller digger la vibe. D’ailleurs, je pense que t’en es déjà à la session Mantronix au moment où tu lis ceci. C’est pas encore fait?… Bon, remonte un peu pour cliquer, j’ai une minute…

Bien, maintenant on reprend. Stroll around the groove est une émission hebdomadaire diffusée sur CJLO, radio basée à Montréal et gérée par une méchante team de djs/diggers/chroniqueurs que je vois taffer dessus chaque semaine. La préparation est solide. Le son est solide, le pattern est respecté et bien plus encore, ils m’ont donné une méchante envie de me remettre au digging. On verra ca après la sortie de la beat tape Unlog Complex #1 tiens…


Bonne écoute!

Neosignal Podcast #5

Hey guys, last podcast by Phace & Misanthrop ! Enjoy 😉


Tracklist :

1. Phace + Misanthrop – Progression – Neosignal 010
2. Alix Perez + Rockwell – Ballbag – Neosignal 009
3. Dub Phizix – Bateman – SoulR
4. Phace + Misanthrop – Energie – Neosignal EP001
5. Noisia + The Upbeats – Dustup – Vision
6. Royalston – Carnivore – Med School
7. Noisia – Tryhard – Vision
8. Rockwell – ConstantComplexRhythmicSound – Shogun
9. Phace – Systeme Mecanique – Neosignal 010
10. Mefjus – Distantia – Neodigital 003
11. Stray + Halogenix – Poison – Warm Communications
12. Noisia – Soul Purge feat. Foreign Beggars – Current Value Remix – Mau5trap
13. Phace – Stresstest – Neosignal 009
14. Phace + Noisia – Imperial – Vision
15. Eskamon – Fine Objects – Ancestor
16. Loops Haunt – Impact Omnihammer – Black Acre
17. Trent Reznor – Ghost 35 – The Null Corporation
18. Koan Sounds – The Edge – OWSLA
19. Misanthrop – Hammerfaust – Neodigital 002
20. Phace – Teufelswerk – Neodigital 002
21. Noisia – Stigma – Neosignal Remix – Mau5trap


>> www.neosignal.de <<

[UNLOg x Sur Le Beat] Podcast #9 by Archibald Singleton

This month, and after a long wait, Unlog teams up with Sur Le Beat (CA)  for a cross podcast!

Sur Le Beat is a Montreal based french speaking blog created by Archibald Singleton and Sylv9st9r, that also focuses on pushing that weird music pattern that keeps your head nodding.

For this cross podcast project, we’re pleased to have Archibald Singleton, also of the duo project The Gulf Stream  (Daly City Recordings, Archipel) as our guest podcaster for this 9th edition. This 9th podcast (tracklist and download below) Meanwhile, Sur le Beat is simultaneously releasing an Unlog made podcast. Who? More details here : 


Short Q&A with Archibald :

)) Who are you?

 Jerome Guilleaume also known as Archibald Singleton in some fields. I play with sound.

)) What’s musically to expect by the next 6 months?

 We are releasing our second EP with my main project, The Gulf Stream, on May 17th. We are pretty happy to release this at last. We are also working on a Audio-visual project with VJ Ma », called Trajectoires, the teaser can be seen here:http://vimeo.com/32179659 . There are more details on our facebook page, with dates etc.
I’m also writing the music for a theater piece that will play next may, at SAT (Montréal) and simultaneously in Geneva, Switzerland. A really interesting project involving live video and music.

))) What’s your current top 5 ?

Kilowatts – Nocturnal Sunrise
Ichiro_ – Nerima Atsui Shinu
Modeselektor – Berlin
Himuro Yoshiteru – Inryoku
Raj Mahal’s mixtape, Jar

))) What is the most disturbing thing you’ve seen/heard this week?

 I’m hardly bothered by disturbing things but I won’t lie, I wasn’t able to finish that video about that new Crocodile drug, you are basically roting alive.

))) Joker?

 It might sound geek but I can’t wait for the second season of Game of Thrones. The first one was a gem,


Nouveau Palais – Drama (Famelik remix RMSTR) – Unreleaded
JmeJ – Funktasticular – Unreleased
Who cares – Show Me Some Change (Knight Rider remix) – Teenage Ego Trip Remixes
E40 – The Server (MC2 remix) – Internet Release
Sebatian – Head-off – Ross Ross Ross
Machine Drum &Melo X – Let it (acapella) – Let It EP
Nasty Ways – Pass Me The Lazer Beam – Internet release
Robot Koch – Devil Drums (Alex B remix) – Friends of Friends Vol.3
B&K – En faux – Unreleased
Xzibit – Paparazzi (acapella)
Wiley – 100% Publishing – Boom Boom Da Na (acapella)
Leathal Bizzle – Pow 2011 (Taal Mala remix) – Unreleased
Wiley – 100% Publishing – One Hit Wonder Instrumental
Alaclair Ensemble – Moulin Bin Sec – Dans l’South du Bas (acapella)

Download Unlog Podcast #9

Feel free to share it around you, and make sure you also check the other side of this podcast, available on SUR LE BEAT.

>>> http://www.miatches.com/surlebeat/2012/03/podcast-012/