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Website/blog about EPIC WAVEFORMS :
Thingstep – Chiptune – Wonky – Glitch – Turntablism – IDM – Unclassified Sound Objects…

Welcome here. Unlog is a common project led by a bunch of music nerds, DJs, producers, music enthusiastic who gathered to create this blog together. Here, we’re dealing with epic waveforms.

Epic waveforms? We mainly focus on broken banging beats, technique, awaken dreams and nightmares… in a word, quality whatever the style.

We’re not especially focused on music genres, since every genre is meant to evolve in many ways. Plus genre is clearly not the best way to define what you hear when you press play.

Here, you’ll find news, downloads, reviews about releases, tracks, mixes, beat-tapes, articles and soon you’ll be able to find our podcasts for free download.

Enjoy this blog, read, share, comment, discuss, love, hate, submit…




6 réflexions sur “About

  1. yoo, love what is going on here, I am doing something similar on my site blahnket.blogspot.com

    I have passed on a thing or two from you fine people, we too are starting to put together parties, lucky enough to have tokimonsta and samiyam in the coming months. Your blog seems to be filled with talented people, I would love for their to be a mix that we could do for you and you for us… ‘blahnket mix for unlog’ and vice versa. let me know what you think.


  2. I am a beat maker from the states and I am trying to get out of America!! I understand my sound is to far forward for America. I am just now starting to contact people out of the country trying to find the best places to go to do beat sets, http://www.CMHmusic.bandcamp.com 5 my last EP, it made some noise out here and my next LP « 2WeakOfThought » is set to release in a month or so. If you have time I can email you the ruff draft of that to listen to. Well I hope to make contacts in any way, thank you for your time.

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