What’s new on Enig’matik Records?

Few months ago, we’ve posted about Painting Pictures On Silence v2, the second compilation of Enig’matik Records. This Australian label had a busy month and few EPs have been released. If you like glitch beatmakers like Mr Bill and Mindbuffer, this EPs gonna blow your minds. Enjoy, you glitch lovers.

More infos on Enig’matik’s bandcamp


« Enig’matik presents the first of the “Singles Series”, which focuses on spotlighting an Artist/Track and coupling it with a remix, both bringing to the table new artists and Enig’matik regulars, exploring a vast array of genres and environments, as usual, presented in a future fuelled world of microscopic life.

Kicking things off with Shwex & Mumukshu two extremely talented up and coming producers from the United States, Elements Of Antiquity is a Sound Design laden piece comprising of a dense wall of granular sculpted effects, laden over lush atmospherics and laid back beats, with ripping formant leads giving a nod to the inspirational dave tipper whilst pushing the wall of sound into slightly more denser territory, drenching listeners with dizzy granular tremolo’s and a daze of dream laced atmospherics taking hold and guiding the listener into a sombre spell of antiquity.

Presented Alongside a highly impressive re-work from Whitebear, bringing a mystifying array of ethnic percussive chops and carefully crafted glitch-work, Elements Of Antiquity showcases some of the youngest artists on the Enig’matik roster but also some of the most promising and imaginative. »


« The Mollusk unveils a deeper side of his production toolkit with his new mini album Dust, a deep and thought provoking journey that gently transports the listener to a sun drenched world, carefully guiding them to a plethora of meticulously crafted environments, presenting the listener with deep vapourous soaked spaces to fill with their own imaginings and roaming thoughts of times that once were.

from the infectious melody driven vibes of oxygen, its sun drenched reverbs glistening and igniting the past to come rushing to your neurons, as if painting your first picture as a child, to the dream fuelled synth work of Sine Wave Love, showcasing a remarkable ear for melodics and captivating talent for creating transformational spaces, The Mollusk provides 6 tracks of the perfect summer soundtrack which will no doubt be stuck on repeat of many sound systems for months to come.

The perfect release for finding a quiet space with a nice view, soaking it up with some innovative downtempo beats, The Mollusk provides a lush array of well crafted melodics with just a splash of glitch to form a cohesive and beautifully crafted journey from start to finish and is a unique and definitive addition to the Enig’matik Catalog. »


« Enig’matik presents the next in its ongoing singles series, showcasing a track from Australian based producer Phsiris. Synth leads swell and sirens fire in a dense apocalyptic lashed environment, slowly lulling listeners into a rich tapestry of thought before unleashing a of barrage of experimental drum and bass vibes, fuelled with digtal laced micro edits, its intricacies and hidden nuances oozing from every crevice of the frequency spectrum inviting the listener to explore.

Itsu brings a solid melodic approach on the remix, exploring extensions of the original and catapulting minds into a feedback driven glitch exploration through some impressive programming and synth work, whilst staying true to the original and staying on track to provide a definitive remix. »


« Enig’matik welcomes another future thinker to the growing collective, this time in the form of Nina Georgieva, a highly talented female producer out of Macedonia, who packs an immense punch with her crunched out snares and haunting atmospherics. Incorporating a barrage of foley sound sources and the use of subtle distortion, Nina transverses through aural worlds, enticing listeners into war torn ethnic expanses, igniting primal energies to the surface where they are met with a delicate array of hyper-edits and noise laden expanses.

From the war torn vibes thrown down in “Homo Necans”, its bone shattering weaponry percussion roaring through the streets where ethnic lashed vocals intertwine with haunting air raid sirens, providing a dense, visual induced journey, To the cheeky swung out beats of “Makes Run” where depth of field and phase are carefully crafted to pull the listener through a series of alternate realities. The release then continues with a take on Mloski’s “An Introduction to a Labyrinth” where Nina laces her trademark distorted bass layers with a deluge of crunchy metallic percussional chops which makes for an inspiring soundscape, meticulously crafted across the stereo field.

The release is coupled with a set of incredible remixes of Homo Necans from some of the globes most inspiring and abstract sound designers, Balkansky heads things up with a rich and dense interpretation, encapsulating an extra dimension of the original with dream laced pads and digital noise manipulations, Woulg never ceases to amaze, with incredible production techniques, he explores abstract swing, seemingly falling in and out of sync, coupled with his inspiring fill work and trademark noise layers, he provides some stand out frequencies here, the release is concluded with a sound design wonderland from Dusty Fungus, a real emphasis placed on the ethnic undertones of the original, Dusty expands on this and provides total immersion through audio, soaking the listeners in an array of carefully crafted frequencies, all having their own precise place in a immense stereo field crafted for the wayfaring journey. »


« Quanta returns with his second EP release on Enig’matik, carrying on from the dubbed out monster vibes from his debut EP “Overflow”, “Vibratory Fields” continues enriching his signature sound with further infusions of ground shaking sub bass and sonic squelches, seemingly slicing the human psyche’ into a scattering of psydub daydreams bound with rich atmospherics and masterful production.

Encapsulating from the start, the title track “Vibratory Fields” shreds the audio spectrum into a unlimited expanse, a rich tapestry of purposeful microscopic detail,hidden with nuances seemingly coaxing the listener to explore the capacity of their imaginations.Travelling wayward into an exploratory expanse, he layers subtle additive synthesis basslines morphing the track into a primal driving apparatus, every small part of machinery coming together to form a dense embodiment of engaging frequencies. Carrying onto “Sensiverse” an ethnic laced dub biosphere of linear dimensions, Quanta shows immense production skill, concreting electronic frequencies to that of its natural neighbour, in brass stabs and natural percussion, the result is an inspiring rolling safari through the depths of ethno-glitch land. “Create Culture” slightly shifts the balance to a more organic pallette of frequencies, coupled with an inexhaustible offering of ground shaking bass drums and sub-nautical frequencies, a light scattering of Terence mckenna suggestively guiding aural cosmonauts to let go of sonic inhibitions and create their own reality.

The release is topped with a truly inspiring remix from the ever evolving sound of Griff, with rubber modulated basslines sinking into a soothing sequence of dub entrenched delays and triplet grooved drum rhythms, ever morphing into his constantly enticing design of catchy melodies and contrasted sombre vibes, providing a thought provoking closing to a captivating release that we hope you enjoy as much as we do.
credits »


« Enig’matik expands on its sound palette by infusing the infectious grooves of Grouch. An artist no stranger to life on the road, Grouch has been constantly touring for the last 24 months all around South and North America, Europe and Australasia, gathering inspiration amongst the new sights and faces to drop into his melting pot of tight rolling percussive grooves and dub drowned synth stabs, igniting dancefloors with an uplifting, focused vibe which is known for its infectiousness all around the globe.

Awakening senses with the immense Rolling bassline of Reverse Entropy, incorporating a shift from common time signatures to form a unique cohesive journey laced with wobbles and squelches, to the dub laced glitch monster that is Perfukt, drenched with a cheeky charismatic vibe that quickly throws the listener back into the depths of inspiring fills and gating work. Organik Mechanic showcases Grouch’s unique eclectic production skills which span across a multitude of genres, solidifying himself as one of the most versatile producers in circulation today.The release is topped of with the debut appearance from Hedflux on Enig’matik Records with a incredible remix showcasing inspiring reverse engineering skills, masterful production traits utilizing the full stereo spectrum and tight knit grooves topping off a rock solid release from start to finish.

Part 1 in a series of EP’s from grouch on Enig’matik, expect to hear this all around the globe on dancefloors in the coming months immersed within a deep, focused, cheekily lashed dancefloor that these audible tales ignite.
credits »


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