Deadlinz – Sonik Fiktion LP (2012)


Digital LP 12 Tracks
Release : 17/09/2012
FS036 / Folistar – Idol Distribution

« Here’s an interesting music project full of guests that you readers should know about » – M. Gandhi

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« Le choix de la maison »

« Pure product of the golden age of Hip Hop , « Sonik Fiktion » is the result of an encounter between legendary  MC’s and a composer worthy of the greatest names of English trip-hop. A flashback of the days before  the audio compression of the 10’s, this album draws as much inspiration  from New York’s soulful moods as from Bristol’s theatrical atmosphere. Rose From The Dirt immediately raises the mood: powerful, dark and heady, where DV the Kryst & Rock (Heltah Skelath) offer a tribute to the underground. Guilty Simpson and Oh No set Trust The Song on fire , a production worthy of Stones Throw’s greatest moments. Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Lord Have Mercy (Flipmode Squad) & Fred The Godson drop Look At The Door, leaning laid back on the corner of 88 Tenth Ave. Hannah Aldridge and Grace Kelly cast a spell with their nostalgic melodies reminiscent of the « Wild Bunch » sound. Finally a few instrumentals complete the tracklist, worked as a DJ Krush under Prozak. 12 tracks for an endless journey on the  sinusoidal waves of a Galactic Akai. »

1 – Predation
2 – Rose From the Dirt – DV feat Rock
3 – Phoenix Jones – Sleep Steady feat.Bridgette Amofah
4 – Trust The Song – Guilty Simpson feat. Oh No & Dj Gero
5 – Dells
6 – Nuclear Abandon – Grace Kelly
7 – Head To The Sky – F.Stokes
8 – Look At The Door – Sadat X feat. Lord Have Mercy & Fred The Godson
9 – Love
10 – On And One – Hannah Aldrigde
11 – Obsession – DoItAll feat. Sheliyah
12 – Geisha

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