Today’s pick : Math Rosen & Everydayz

I’m a nice guy.

Except when you give me tiewraps. This post was needed because of the two main reasons today I’ve had to give up tiewrapping my own suitcase over and over. And I’m not done.

Still got tiewraps. Lots of missions to come.

Enough talk, here are the two reasons that brought me back to the human condition :


Among you readers, some might have already spotted him on some live beatmaking videos (like this one, or that one), or tripping on the Highlander theme (epic time) with the track IMMRTL he made for our Unlog compilation (I can’t believe you didn’t get it yet, never too late).

Math comes back with with Dragnet, an EP produced for Dragnet Magazine and that features remixes from Edison, Infector (in a way, Math Rosen himself) and Living Stone. They certainly know a lot about tiewraps to make such a brain stimulating and calculated sequence of beats. In a way, what else would you expect from Math…


One year back, his summer beat tape may have spent some time in your playlists. 2012, now signed on Blackelk Recordings, Ilia Koutchoukov aka Everydayz just released Etudes et Brouillons (Studies and drafts), available for free download. My advice would be to press play on the first song, and let it play itself. Except if you have to tiewrap your own room.

Shit, no more tiewraps… time to use TAPE…

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