Math Rosen live session #1 : Beast (1)

Let’s welcome Beast (1) first of a series of live session recorded by the Toronto based artist Math Rosen. For having the opportunity to play live on the same stage, I won’t teach you that his music kills it, you decide (but if you’re reading that right now, I’m pretty positive about seeing agreement in your eyes). But definitely, some artists clearly know what’s going on between their gear and what you’re hearing. Among them, some can control it, some are even doing pretty well and sometimes, even REALLY well.


Yeah, he’s that kind of guy… Check it out!

Beast (1)
Live Session
Recorded March 2012
Toronto, ON

Camera – Andre Rehal (

More to come from Matt really soon, stay tuned!

2 réflexions sur “Math Rosen live session #1 : Beast (1)

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