TURNSTEAK – Drifting away EP

If you’re familiar with Unlog, you’re familiar with the sound of the french glitch hop duo Turnsteak. Reminder here, there, or even here, there again, and yes, also here.

Now is the time to introduce to you their 6 tracks EP, released on Vinyl and digital format on ITD Records on Feb 17th.



1st single: « KWTF » feat IRA LEE (with remixes from GESTE and Pierre THE MOTIONLESS)

2nd single : « ENGRENAGE » (with remixes by XLII, BASS SCIENCE, TROUBL’)
Listen here :

(PS : Engrenage is one of my favorite tracks in this release, I got stunned by the combo between the « NeoGeo » lead and the groove of their bass stabs)

Available here :

Video teaser by LICO:

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