Unlog Podcast #7 – C r a s h

Bass from Belgium this time, with C r a s h!


In only two year, this young dj from Liège as already 10 years of practice and as played almost everywhere in Belgium (Dour Festival, Ardentes, Fuse, Dub-Timus, Cartel, Skins Party, Pure FM,…) with the biggest international artists (Koan Sound, Foreign Beggars, Diesel, Culprate, Doctor P, Skrillex, Cookie Monsta, Trolley Snatcha, Bare Noize, Dirtyphonics, Tomba, Roksonix, Culprate, Dubsidia, Chrispy, Jamie XX, Delta Heavy, Camo & Krooked, Eptic, Devnik, Jogo … ).
His rough style that never concedes enchants the Belgian Dubstep audience. One you’d better focus on!

)) What’s musically to expect by the next 6 months?

First : I want to grow up this new project of Crash and I want to try to push this style (Glitch/IDM) in our parties. I think the public is ready to enjoy this style here in Liège.

Second : I want to produce tracks in this style.

Third : I want to keep working extensively on the project MisterCrash (Dubstep)

)) What’s your current top 5 ?

Koan Sound
Tim Ismag

))) What is the most disturbing thing you’ve seen/heard this week?

We have a government agreement on the budgetary aspects!


SPL – Back At It (MisterCrash & Egonoise Remix)



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