Divine – HYBR/D Mixtape // Free Download + Q&A





Could you tell us a few words to introduce yourself? (past, present)

I’m a young Belgian girl who’s into music. First know as a promoter and a Drum and Bass/Dubstep MC called Divine MC. Now, I’m working on my solo project called « Divine ». My first mixtape « Hybr/d » just go out on the internet and it’s a project with 10 producers from US and Europe : )

You’ve been a host for the last 10 years as Divine MC, but you appear as Divine on your latest project. What should we expect in the future? (Is being a host on stage something you want to keep doing in the future or do you aim to be an assumed female emcee/singer?)

I’ve been hosting Drum and Bass and parties for a long time now… It’s always a pleasure for me to perform during those parties. Me and my mates from Dub-timus Soundsystem, we are a big family and we always had and we always will have a good time. I enjoy playing with them ! The thing is I wanted something more….something you can’t do in Dubstep or Drum and Bass. I’m wanted to express myself, and obviously nobody is listening what I’m saying at 3 or 4 AM. For now, you got Divine MC for the Drum and Bass and Dubstep scene and on the side my solo project Divine. Divine is 100% me, from production choices, writing, videos, communication and I wanted to make this special. In the future, first of all, I will be performing some shows. We are working at the moment on my first album and hopefully I will be released in late 2012. I want to work hard on this album and bringing a lot of great producers in this project.

HYBR/D : As the name of your release suggests, we have here a really wide range of music genres, from different countries. Did you have a leading idea when you started it?

The idea was simple, trying to do what I like. Hybr/d is a state of mind and a way of life, you see, I think that I’m from an « IPod generation » builded by internet, ntics, social networks. Before, you were from a typical movement and only in one movement. Now with just click you can switch from Grime to Folk, from Hip-Hop to Dubstep. There’s not only one main music influence, there’s so many that we are now «hybrids. So yeah, the whole idea was in my head since day one : )

This mixtape, recently released for free download, features many collaborations with different beat makers, MCs, turntablists… Can you tell us a bit more about the process that led to the final release?

At first, Hybr/d was a first studio project. I wanted to start a creation process (writing, recording) and with the help of Bust we were looking for beats. He had lots of beats from different producers and turnablists he knew. I did my selection, then we tried some things and we send it back to those producers to do some finals editions. On the side, I also searched beats and producers via Soundcloud or friends. I’ve contacted producers and asked them if they were okay if I used their beats.

Was it obvious for you to choose the mixtape format more than the LP format? Or was there something more you wanted to bring with this choice?

The mixtape format was obvious for me because I wanted to be free. I wanted to share my first experience for free. There are also a lot of producers involved so, it was easier for me to do something unique and not selling my tunes. I see Hybr/d as a test for me, a first experiment when we started this we didn’t had a clue if this could work.

As a French-speaker, why did you choose English to express your vocal skills?

French is a great language but it’s not my thing to write in French. I always been US/UK oriented so for me it’s was obvious, I had to write in English, for me it sounds better.

Could we expect some French on a forthcoming release?

Maybe, I don’t know what to expect in the future !

Time for the cliché question, but your opinion on that topic might be interesting : We’re coming to the end of 2011. Do you think that now, being a female into that scene is completely accepted?

Ha-ha, sorry I’m not a feminist who think that being a female is not completely accepted. I do me, and I don’t care if it’s accepted or not. If we are all equal, why should I have to think I have to be accepted ? I’m a girl, you are a guy, and I don’t have to fight more or less because I’m a woman. I’m proud to be a woman !

Some years ago, you and your team have founded the Dub-timus Sound System, so you’ve been promoting electronic musical events for long, such as dubstep and drum and bass. How do you feel about the evolution of those genres and the hype-side that recently followed?

Drum and Bass is why I turned out to be an MC, it’s like my first romance. After spending so many years following the movement, I was a bit disappointed by the scene, it was always the same beats, the clubs were closing… Then, when Dubstep became that HUGE thing new Drum and Bass producers came out with new things, you had like a renewal ! I’m talking about Netsky, Dirtyphonics, Camo & Krooked, Grafix Alix Perez, Jubei. I’m so proud to see those guys carrying the scene in the media, festivals… Now Drum and Bass is stronger than ever and I hope it will last. About Dubstep it’s another thing. I got a mixed feeling about all that Dubstep hype… I’m into Dubstep for years now and personally I more into deeper things than brostep or filthstep. Some of the clichés productions now is ridiculous…But, I have to be honest, as a promoter and a mc, I also have to stick with my scene! See, it’s quite exciting to see all that energy around Dubstep but now you got Justin Bieber who wants to be involved… So, what the fuck?! For me the exciting things at the moment is Bass Music, Offbeat, House and IDM.

Which producer or emcee would you like to work with and why?

I would love to work with Lunice, I love his work and the atmosphere around his tunes. I also dig Girl Unit, A1 Bassline, Detboi tunes a lot ! I would love to work with emcees like Ntek, Orelsan, Iggy Azalea.

What’s your current « artists to follow » Top 5?

1. Lunice

2. Iggy Azalea

3. Salem

4. Klub Sandwich

5. 123Mrk

And what about your « flop 5 »?

I can’t really say, I don’t want to be a hater.


Let’s finish with the video of Divine’s Beyond the rave track, enjoy your free download!

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