JonWayne Give-away : Thanks, Bro ( Free download)

Jon Wayne gives a compilation of beats!
For who don’t know him , check his Bowser album out on Alpha Pup recordings .
He provides banging SP beats !
It’s everything from psych rock samples, to melancholy downtempo, to Rick Ross remixes, to raw raps.

Wayniac including a few words with each tracks :

« I want you to have this.

This download contains songs that I wanted to give you but either due to poor timing, politics or my sad attempt at quality control, never did. But here I am. and here you are. and here are these songs that I want to give you.
I give them for free now because they are no longer
relevant to what I’m trying to do at the moment. I am
working on different sounds and trying to go to different
places than the sounds and places that are presented, here.
So take them. I’ve supplied a bit of reading material
for each track, just to let you know what was going on
when I made it and all



1. You’re Everything (jonwayne’s Rhode to Perdition)

Riding up to San Francisco the next day with the Low End Theory crew for their monthly, I probably should’ve just rehearsed my set, enjoyed a nice evening at home and gone to bed at a reasonable hour. Instead I made this track. I was super sleepy the whole time, which is probably why I chose the effects/mixing techniques that I did. I always loved the original and came across the acapella like an oasis in the middle of a boring ass night.

2. Grayscale

Old shit. I made this on my Mom’s laptop, actually. My desktop had fried and I made this along with a good amount of Doodles on that laptop. I put this in my H+R mix, but it was blended with Busta Rhymes shit, so here it is by itself. this one is for matthewdavid.

3. Outbreak

Made this when I was up in SF for a week, staying with Shlohmo. I also made Be Honest and Mario is Missing the same week. The bum piss on Henry’s doorstep was real inspiring.

4. Murderface

straight SP-404/Moog track, made shortly after I started making copies of The Wayniac to sell at shows I went to.

5. StruggleButDidItDo

this song actually predates The Wayniac (200late) and I remember liking this track more than the shit on that beat CD and wanting to save it for a more official release, but by the time I actually put something official out (Bowser) there was no way, haha. Still like it, though. Unfortunately, like many of these tracks, I only have the 128 or 320.


Bowser B-side. I didn’t put it on there because I could never get the levels right. Drums would get distorted and it was just a bitch to make this much of it. I could never sit myself down to complete this. Still like the idea, though.

7. The Award

I also wanted to put this on Bowser but it just didn’t fit, aesthetically. I play this out a lot and people ask me for it so here it is. I had this on my original soundcloud about a year ago for download and nobody fucked with it. Made right after I put Doodles out.

8. Innocence

Another Bowser B-side.

9. Drums 1
10. Drums 2

These are drums that I made from scratch from household items and a few reno drums that my mom had lying around the house. I had planned on building on them but I got used to listening to just the loops that I ultimately decided not to fuck with them.

11. High

now here’s an old FL beat. Not really much to say. I’m putting this on here for Teebs.

12. Machine Orgasm

Super old FL beat. The only time I played this live was my first show at Low End Theory. Some of you guys may recognize this from my H+R mix.

13. The Art of Murder

Old SP-404 beat. this is when I just started to get involved with synths and moving away from sampling. I don’t know why I never put this out. Oh well, it’s here.

14. BB180

this is actually an entry for a beat battle that I lost so hard. not a single vote. Oh well. I still like it.

15. Rerev (YNQ flip)

pretty self explanitory. I don’t remember the sample though. I think I did this in June of last year.

16. Blessed

PBW had me rip some 90′s instrumetals from his vinyl sometime last year and this was one of the beats. I rapped on it and sent it to him not knowing that it was actually his beat! Haha, that was awkward. Anyway, here.

17. 4 the Buddycrack (jonwayne remix)

It’s just me putting an acapella of mine in a minimal setting. You know how I like to do. The original is better, though, and is going to be on CX Kidtronik’s next album. ❤ that dude.

18. 1 for Dilla


19. For the Freestylers

This is just some real simple smooth shit. I was originally making this for myself before I realized I wasn't a very "smooth" rapper and would sound awkward as fuck on this. I made it longer so you guys don't have to keep bringing it back. Have fun.


Ok, well, that seems to be it. I love you guys. Thanks for supporting what I do…the least I can do is show my appreciation. All that I ask is when I do put something out that's official and is asking of coin, that you let me know I can keep doing this. Let's keep it moving"

Here is the link :

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