Lapse – The Living Lucid (2010) + Free Download Remix



The Chicago based artist Charles Garcia, performing as Lapse, is an IDM architect, both influenced by human complexity, astronomy, Japanese electronica, time lapse, jazz. His latest release The Living Lucid (2010), beyond classification, brings a personal and progressive feeling to an electronic masterpiece.

From Pillow to Melt, you can really feel the analogy between Lapse’s name and its origin, time-lapse videos is really perceptible. Stable Propulsion, a steamy 10’43”  track, really leaves you unaware of what comes next in a complete and delightful timewarp.

« Garcia insists that he is a simple product of the primordial drink just like anyone else. He grew up in Dubuque, Iowa, and used music to absolve his thoughts and racing mind in an otherwise derelict environment. His past, for better or worse, will probably always be there stretching out a bruised haze over his sounds. It’s in such sonic storytelling that we hear the emotional landscape that he has so artfully composed. »

And here’s a free download remix of  the track Parkways by The Flashbulb (Benn Jordan’s electronic project alias)

Some words about his quality label Nueva Forma :

« Relatively young, but voracious about quality sound (or sound quality!) and aesthetics; Nueva Forma™ is a collective of sound-makers, designers, and ever-evolving digerati. As an eclectic music label, our agenda is simple; to offer you a wide variety of acousmatic pop, IDM, dub, click house, ambient, hip-hop and more. We strive to produce and release records of the highest bar, measure, and note for your listening pleasure; while often producing limited edition packaging, only to add delight to the senses that our music has not yet seized.

We understand that without our talented artists, we have no vessel to build from. Our belief, like most quality-seekers, is that compromise holds no advantage. To us, there is no such thing as haste in sound; that “thing” that is whipped together in a day or week’s effort, speedily traversed to the record shops and chain stores only for monetary gain—or, as determined by the market, a lack thereof. »

You can check all their artists here.

Let’s finish with this video, for lucky ones who’ll be attending to Kontrast, the yearly event in which the Nuevaforma team takes part :

Kontrast (final montage) from Colorcubic on Vimeo.

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