Shinect – Kinect as a MIDI Controller

Minority Report beatmaking? Well, it’s on the way. Shinect is one of the projects which will, in a close future, allow you to control music, at home or on stage, with your hands, arms, head, elbows, DOGS, BURRITOS, and EVEN THE ROBOT! (assuming you already have a robot at home, by the way, who doesn’t?)

Here’s a short demo Shini made with his early 0.3 version of Shinect (which has already evolved a lot), demo which will show you basically how his system works.

One last thing to remind you before leaving you to the excitement this video will bring in the air, and right now I know you’re already thinking about all the different ways you’ll be able to use it when you’ll finally get it :


Stay tuned!

2 réflexions sur “Shinect – Kinect as a MIDI Controller

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