*** 10 YEARz of UNREzT / yellow + mangenta ***












oYoYoYoY dear Unloggerzzz, here we are for a great new year to come. Obviously it’s gonna huge as well for that one with even more beats, more mixes, more discoveries, more graphic shitzzz, more zoophilic jokes and some about kids and priest if you’re kind… (I know you like it raaaw … )

Anyway, that’ll be later, for now as a gift and to celebrate their 10 yearzzz of activities, the UNREZt label/collective who’s got certain tendencies to filthy beats and mad rythms gives us 2 compilations of few titles from those artists.

UNREZt is a belgian collective who’s looking for providing good sound, around hip-hop and electronica mainly, but also graphic works. They’ve got a particular style, watch that video, it’s clearly explained, even if it’s in french.

the report about UNREZt

Of course, those compilations are free and to share as much as you can. Enjoy and pass the word (and the doobie). Mastered by Hermutt Lobby

YELLOW  =>  Tracklist

Rawakari – Frigolit Drum Hit
Johnny Superglu – DJ Flash Info
Fat Chance – Ping Pong Show Song
Herrmutt Lobby – Jesus died so that I can play video games naked until 5am
L.E.G. – Sweetspeach
Richard Colvaen – Strawberry
LBNHRX – Landcover
Petite Porte De Bronze – Trottoir
Funckarma – Technology Boom
10 Alchemyst – Tikka Massala
11 Senz Beats – Beautiful Life (feat. Megabusive)
12 Music Machine – Secret Learn
13 Ucture – Tony

Tha linkzzz you were lookin for til the beginning

MAGENTA  =>  Tracklist

1 Jacuzzi Notebook – Three Chewing Gum

Shepherd – Vleamarket
Dynooo – Coiiiin
Cupp Cave – You Are No Tree
Midnight Galaxy – Ijskoude Neger
Bretzel Zoo – Bretzl vs Lolcatz
Panzer Kunst – Halo Around The Sun Or Moon
DJ Kovak – Intérieur Cuir
THX 1983 – Simply Lightly [Production : Mig One]
10 Dr Kwest – Breaks & Grooves
11 Chantal Goret – Profoo
12 Mouche Man – Mouche à Merckx
13 DJ Elephant Power – Scratch Flamboyant
14 The Ronchonnist – Tribute 2 Heaven 17

okay okay, here\’s the magenta shit

Feel free to visit the website, there’re still few surprises for you, lucky bastardito


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