2011 – Still Logged?



Unlog - 2011 - Mister Freezy

Well, this post, first post of the year, arrives on Jan 2nd, and there are 2 reasons to that


1) Maybe because it does not aim a being added to the load of 326 Happy New Year spams you’ve received, drunk pictures to untag, « who the fuck drew that tattoo on me yesterday night? » and « this dude’s been sleeping in my flatmate’s bed for the last 2 days, but who is he?? » We know you may need some time to figure it out, life and its magic does not belong to our field.

2) Maybe also because we wanted you to get some rest and come back here with fresh ears, after all this mess. We all know that many of us ended up in a random NYE party and ended up electing the DJ as #1 at « I’m completely failing this year starting from now. »

Magic moments… But let’s get to our point.

2011 is meant to be an important year, for Unlog, since this blog is on its way to become a more efficient platform to share and spread those Epic Waveforms, allowing more interactivity and a regular epic podcast including epic guests from everywhere. More than a simple graphic improvement (and believe me, it’ll be really good looking), we really want it to be more complete and informative about our musical topic.

So, before everything gets ready, here are a bunch of downloads, mixes and news to start with some concrete.

# 1 post/2 mixes by the team to start the year :

Turnsteak – Catalyseur Podcast II



Famelik – Mixmas Shit 2010 (Playlist inside)

Found track of the week :

A Nameless Hero – Last track uploaded by MuSsCk

(You may soon get to know a bit more about MuSsCk on these pages)

Free townload drack (mmm tricky…)

Long Arm – The Branches

Yes, let’s end up this post with this free download track, from the forthcoming “The Branches” album, from Long Arm, on Project : Mooncircle. Album awaited for February 11th.


“The Branches” album is a reflection of a world, where human feelings and natural powers are bound together. Everything is correlated in this world. There is no alive-dead distinction. The season change depends just on state of mind. Every move, every wind breath, every sound brings an information, opened for everyone who believes and ready to accept it, who hears and knows how to listen.


PS : Except Bandcamp, none of the other players seems to work properly on a wordpress hosted blog. That’s one of the other points that makes us work on something better. I mean, a website about music with half of the players not working? Sounds unreal but true. Thanks Bandcamp.

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