Blowing walls away with… Spankbass!

Let’s say you’ve never heard of Spankbass, 2methylBulbe1ol, Foreign Beggars, DJ Netik, Peace Off Records…

Well, that’s all this post about. What do we have today? One killer track for free download + One killer mix for free download too.



Let’s start with the track :

Brutal collab including ‎2methylBulbe1ol + Dj Netik + Spankbass + a Foreign Beggars acapella.
Foreign Beggars – Coded Rhythm Talk remix, here it is :

You know how it works, press play, and make sure to follow his channel after.


Credits :

[Acapella] ForeignBeggars & Taskforce

[Beat] 2methylBulbe1ol

[Scratches] : Dj Netikspankbass


We’ll have several occasions to talk about all those guys in another post, (Netik, famous french 2006 DMC World Champion, Foreign Beggars a.k.a. « 2010 bass-MCs worldwide revelation », Taskforce from UK, probably the same for 2011, 2methyl’s IDM/dubstep that I guess you’ll have many occasions to hear in the future)… much to say about them. We’ll come back later. But let’s move to the other part, the track’s almost over.

Almost… That’s it? You’re done?

Ok. well, next part, we’ve been talking about a mix earlier. The Spankbass being DJ, turntablist, producer, bass music nerd, he provides us a mixtape @ through Peace Off records, the french based breakcore label created by Rotator.

You’ll find the mix for free download, including the tracklist, here :

Enjoy, so will your neibourghz!

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