*** Mr Mute *** Psyrcus Maximus Podcast 010


For today, a special introduction to a portuguese Dj called « Mr. Mute » who just released a podcast for our blog-mates circus maximus.

Bernardo Marques as civil name dropped a mix specially made with a turntable, mixer and a sampler.

As a strictly vinyl dj since 1999, regularly playing in all major spots in Lisbon, many parties, festivals around Portugal and some great nights in Koln, has been a part of many projects, of which the highlights go to:

  • DEUBREKA (www.livestream.com/deubreka). A dj + vj project, released their first DVD in 2005. Other interesting endeavours include the TRON reinterpretation in Festival Numero and the La Planéte Sauvage hommage in 2007
  • Supafly Records collaborator – the place for vinyl in Lisbon.
  • Tighten Up nights – alongside Dedydread started these monthly nights dedicated to all things funk. Most of them served on 7″ platters.
  • Currently living in Madrid and a part of the Doble Copia Collective

As he said himself about the podcast:

Since I moved to Spain in April of this year and will return to Lisbon in February, I did not bring my turntables – mistake! Therefore had to buy one here and a mixer. One of my many influential masters (Cut Chemist) recently released a mix with 1 turntable, 1 mixer and a sampler and I thought I could pick up on that and try it. The result is this. This podcast resulted from an invitation from Circus Maximus netlabel – and I decided to share some of the more recent sounds that have been making my wallet thin 😉

Enough blah, pump up the volume !!!

THA MIX !!!!

01. Scary Sounds Soundtrack – Track 4
02. Architeq – We should light a fire
03. Kien Ra – Ghana Condor
04. Free The Robots – Turkish Voodoo
05. James Pants – New Tropical
06. Darkhouse Family – Mein Atari (Dibiase Lofi Reflip)
07. Danny Breaks – Windscreen Wiper
08. Roxanne Shanté – Pay Back
09. Shlohmo – Teeth
>> Satanic Chants
10. Kidkut – Lilt
11. Von d – Berlin Call
12. Gemmy – Rainbow Road
13. Débruit – K.O. Debout
14. Plan B – Prayin’ (Breakage’s Bad Week Remix)
15. Flying Lotus – Kill your co-workers
16. Paul White – Every Breath
17. Ruckus Roboticus – The Birth of Ruckus

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