Drumming and pads relationships

Since the beginning of the legendary MPC gears, it’s possible to pretend to drum without annoying all your neighbourhood and even chop and slice and destroy beautiful piece of music to make samples… fucking producers…

Anyway, some guys decided to make those controllers their main weapon to rippin it up!! I’m gonna purpose you some of my favourites pad drumming sessions. Some wacky, some fresh, some groovy, some freestyle, but the important stuff is to enjoy it!!

First is a french guy called « Fulgeance » playing live one of his song called « Glamoure » released on his Glamoure EP.

Second is a portuguese guy called « Dj Ovelha negra » AKA « Stereossauro ». That’s a unknown track that I hope it’ll get out one day… Just tasty as a portuguese « guitarra » (thx mr. Mute)

Next on the list is a guy called « Edison » playing with a special Arduinome made by himself in his old lunch-box. Not exactly the same stuff, but still heavy!!

Now, this is a french/vietnamian crew called « Tha Trickaz » who do live based on pas drummings with some scratchs and other stuffs added. There’re lots of videos, but i like that one, specially at 2:53, so groooooovy!!!

Here it is, one of the masters of pad drumming,  *** JEL *** -> feel all the groove he gives across his fingers… amazing

And now, one of my favourite ever, a drumming battle, everything is done live, it’s impressive of accuracy!!!

Now, that’s Famelik, the headmaster of this blog who recorded it for a battle on a french website dealing with turntablism. Visit it: http://www.beat4battle.fr

And finally, that one is particular cause it’s not exactly pad drumming, but i feel a huuuuge groove innit so, fuck it and let that guy doing his shit.

Hope you enjoyed my selection and cYa!!

If you have some videos, send us the link and we’ll be happy to post it!!


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