**SixTonArmor.com** ==> an introduction to psyche-music .

Don’t laugh dude, here’s a serious heavy stuff …

In the shiny world of blog(geek)ers, there’ re some which are taking that stuff seriously. Some bloggers who don’t let stupid belgian guy doing his own shit by sending any links he likes on the web  (…). Some are providing really good noises and are digging selectors from the deepest hell to give us a brain food. Food / sound / drug / eargasm, call it as you like, but what’s coming from this, is made to get you down in your maddest fears…

as they describe themselves:
Six Ton Armor is a platform meant to offer regular psych music podcasts
from various DJs/producers.
By “psych” we mean all music with a psychedelic aspect to it, could be rare 60es / 70es garage records, rare turkish soundtrack, brit Invasion stuff, somalian psych funk, or, well, more recent materials like Broadcast… (anyway, you get it).
We want selectors to show up the amazing/weird pieces of their collection, not the usual boring 3/4 wonky novelties.
We want the other stuff, we want to be suprised! Just like you do when you’re looking for new music.”

We’ll published each new podcast from them in here, but for now, just try them as you feel …


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