A story about beats scratch and loOops …

So what, you believed  you were on a classic wacky blog with (supposed to be) underground music-web-diggers who just give shit stolen from other blogs ?! Yes, you might be right but not only. We’re all passionated by music based on electronics and bangin beats…

The other main reason we know each other (excepted our perverts sexual tendancies) is our love to the scratch. You know, this stuff we did with dad’s records when we were kiddies? This particular noise coming from a simple touch on a turning record? Amongst geeks and schizo’s of that movement, there’re some deeper ones who experimented it with tools and effects given or stolen to the shitty guitarist-friend who belived he’s the new hendrix but actually not… (we each know at least one). Those suckers have that funny tool called « loopstation ». Dj’s tried quickly to deal with it and the results were magic. As introduced by the scratch perverts, the Invisibl Scratch Piklz or the X-ecutioners, the term « scratch-music » had a real sense.

All that crappy prose to present you some of good shit done with turntables and a loopstation…

First (but not least in terms of quality) is the huge classic and first-known (if mistake, tell me) loopstation routine. It’s called dirty blue mudd and it’s remixed by « John Cage ». (which seems to be completely disappeared actually)

Another king of that tricky technique is 2tall from UK

From germany, DJ AKD:

The king who gave the respectability to the scratch music: Dj D-STYLES and his friends Ricci Rucker / Toadstyle / Mike Boo / Excess / Shortkut / …

Last but not least, a french guy called by the name of « uM »   (myspace.com/ultroniks)  from Perpignan:

So, there’re lots of more videos about, I invite you to give us some links of your compostions, I’ll put it in the post.

Cya . ++ Frz ++

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